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Fireside Chats

Tip: In our digital world we are constantly exposed to media. But why not use this media to give your students a voice, even bring back the days of "Fireside Chats." Show your teachers how, with a microphone and some simple software, to let their students try their hand at Podcasting. If you are not

Customizing Folder Icons

Question: How can I change the look of the folders I create and put on the desktop? I need to organize the shortcuts to Web sites I have set up for my younger elementary students so I can say, "Open the red folder that contains math activities." The IT Guy says: Creating special shortcut folder icons for

Byzantine Icons from Sinai

Byzantine Icons from Sinai A stunning exhibition, organized by the Getty in 2006, looks at the world's largest collection of Byzantine icons, from the Holy Monastery of Saint Catherine, located in the desert, near Mount Sinai, in Egypt. With many media-rich tools to aid understanding, such as