Activities for 2:1 Computer Classrooms

Tip: Two students per one computer (or laptop) can be an ideal situation. It promotes collaboration, as long as there are enough computers so that students can actually complete work. Webquests: Find some that are in subjects that you don't especially like teaching. Make sure that they include projects with

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Affordable Computing for Classrooms

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Managing computers and software licenses(2)

Question: What software is available to help network administrators manage increasing numbers of computers and keep track of software licenses? The IT Guy says: Different server software tools are available in Windows 2000 and Macintosh OS X Server that can be used by network administrators to take stock of

Clickers in the Classroom(2)

Several teachers recently attended a conference where a presenter had attendees use 'clickers' to respond to questions during the workshop. They're now very eager to purchase this technology for their classrooms. Is this a wise investment of limited funds? It depends upon how these teachers plan to

Concept to Classroom(2)

Concept to Classroom Concept to Classroom is a free series of award-winning professional development workshops covering important and timely topics in education such as: after-school programs, cooperative and collaborative learning, inquiry-based learning, webquests, use of the Internet in the classroom,