Converting Audio Tapes to CD, part 2

Listen to the podcast Question: How can I convert audio tapes to CDs (Part II)? The IT Guy says: Now that you, hopefully, have converted your audio tapes to MP3 files, you need to burn them to a CD. While there are many different programs you can use for this purpose, for this article I'm going to

Windows 2000 not shutting down part 2

Question: If suggested fixes don't work and my computer still has problems shutting down, where can I go for advice? The IT Guy says: Microsoft has a thorough knowledge base article available on this issue entitled, "How to Troubleshoot Problems with Standby Mode, Hibernate Mode, and Shutting Down Your Computer

Game Plan: Part 2, Student Gamecraft

Part 1 of this feature looked at the burgeoning body of research supporting the use of games as teaching tools. In particular, the article focused on epistemic games such as Firaxis's Civilization, which immerse players in virtual worlds with societies and cultures to which they must adapt for survival and success.