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Parking Lot

Tip: What do you do with people that interrupt you during your workshop? Some teachers have great ideas and want to share, but what they want to talk about takes you off the topic. A good thing to do is "Parking Lot." At the beginning of your session, put up a flip chart or use a whiteboard. Write “Parking

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks Ms. Rosa Parks, Civil Rights pioneer, was inducted into The Academy of Achievement in 1995. This site provides a profile, a biography, an interview, and a photo gallery. Parts of the interview are available with video clips and audio. Ms. Parks discusses the bus incident in detail and gives

Scrub Club

Kids learn how to keep themselves clean, kill bacteria, and stay healthy all year long by washing their hands and under fingernails with warm soapy water. Then they can enjoy the "6 Steps Game," meet the "villains" that cause illness

Pollen Park

Name: Pollen Park Brief Description of the Site: Pollen Park explains the complex process of plant reproduction in a straightforward manner and information is presented clearly and separated logically into obvious sections. The result is that students can navigate the site freely, making their own decisions and