SchoolCIO Technology Summit 2012

SchoolCIO Technology Summit 2012

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June 22 & 23, 2012 | Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, CA


Emerging Technology Demos @ Calit2

Keynote and General Session

Mike Liebhold, Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Future, will offer advice on anticipating and preparing for the next generation of learning tools, followed by a dialog with U.C. San Diego Research Scientist Tom DeFanti.

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General Session: Challenges & Opportunities

Jaime Casap leads off and then engaging two panelists (Scott Knuckles and Aaron Turpin) and other members of the audience in a discussion about the potential and pitfalls of technology in education.

Working Sessions

The Future of Mobile Computing [Solution Partner: Lightspeed Systems]

What sorts of devices are being used most effectively for 1:1 today and what will be the device of the future? What role should BYOD play? What issues should districts be considering re. safety, equity, collaboration and mobility?

Cloud Computing [Solution Partner: Google]

How are schools using the cloud—both private and public—to teach and to learn? To store and share information? What are the issues and opportunities presented by cloud computing?

Virtual and Blended Learning [Solution Partner: Dell]

What sorts of online learning experiences are taking the place of print textbooks and teacher lectures? What role do online classes play in dropout prevention and credit recovery? How is blended learning evolving and changing?

Technology-Based Professional Development [Solution Partner: Teachscape]

What role do online, blended and flipped classes play in professional learning? How is technology being used to track staff development needs and progress? What are the most powerful PD solutions for technology implementations?