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Tech & Learning Live @ Boston

Publish date:

Friday April 29, 2016

Boston Marriott Newton

2345 Commonwealth Avenue

Newton, MA

What is Tech & Learning Live?

Tech & Learning is bringing Tech & Learning Live back to Boston on Friday, April 29 . This year’s program is all about professional development for tech lead learners—those edtech leaders who bridge the gaps between classroom and administration, curriculum and technology, school and home. This full day of workshops and discussions is specifically designed to “train the trainers” with shared best practices, workshops, and discussions that attendees can take back to their districts and put into action. This is your chance to network with others who care deeply about the future of education. Register now.

Who Should Attend:

"The most beneficial administration-level PD I have attended in a while!" - Director of Instructional Technology

You're the expert, the supervisor, the mentor — but who mentors you? Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn with and from fellow ed tech leaders. Tech & Learning Live brings together visionaries of all sorts -- from district-level CIOs and administrators to building-level technology specialists to mentor teachers and professional development providers -- for an amazing day of networking and growth. Come share your challenges and successes. Or just come to listen. Either way, Tech & Learning Live offers you a rare chance to relax and connect with others who share your passion for technology as a tool to transform teaching and learning.

Bring your leadership team and make the most of your professional development budget! Sign up here to bring your leadership team at a highly discounted rate (up to 50% off, depending on numbers of people you are bringing).

Submit a Proposal

If you have valuable information to share with other edtech leaders, please submit a proposal to present (you will be notified by January 1, 2016, if your proposal is accepted). Tech & Learning Live is the ideal place to expand your professional learning network, to share your stories and to listen and learn with your peers. Use this short survey to submit your ideas.

"I've been to TCEA, ISTE, Regional events, etc. and feel I got the most from Tech & Learning Live! Will definitely be back next year!" – Instructional Technologist


Registration and Breakfast: Playground

Network with friends while you enjoy breakfast in our “playground” area, where interactive exhibits including makerspaces, learning spaces, new gadgets, and more will be set up throughout the day.

Playground stations include: Jennifer Trombino's Makerspaces; Julie Sicks-Panus' NXT Mindstorm robotics; and The Do It Yourself Lab and ID@T Digital Entrepreneurs with Michael Hale featuring Oculus Rifts and Google Cardboards.

Welcome and Opening Keynote

Using Data to Change Practice

Kathryn Parker Boudett, the director of the Data Wise Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, will keynote the annual Tech & Learning Live @ Boston coming to the Boston Marriott Newton on Friday April 29, 2016. Dr. Boudett will kick off a day of professional learning by presenting ways K-12 school leaders can use data effectively to make real changes in practice. She will challenge attendees to candidly assess the extent to which their organizations support educators in engaging in collaborative, inquiry-focused learning and teaching. She will then offer examples of what a successful model can look like when a school embraces a step-by-step process for keeping the core work of schools focused on improved outcomes for students.

Data Wise Presentation

Introduction to Data Wise: A Collaborative Process to Improve Learning & Teaching (Free online course) 

Refreshment and Networking Break: Playground

Breakout Session # 1

Next-Gen PD (Future Ready Gear: Personalized Professional Learning)

Hear examples of PD programs that work. Bring your questions and your ideas.

PRESENTERS: John Martin, Director of Innovation & Technology, Inter-Lakes School District, NH; Ken Veon, Director of Technology, Director of Technology, Beachwood City Schools, OH; Mandy Vasek, Assistant Principal, Midway ISD, TX; Mike Daugherty, Director of Technology, Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools, OH; Jessie Butash, Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning, Cumberland HS, RI

Next-Gen PD Presentation

The Giving Tree Prezi Presentation

The Evolving School Library: Joining Forces with Tech Departments (Future Ready Gear: Collaborative Leadership)

Many successful school library programs are joining forces with technology departments. This merger has helped both the technology and library teams to maintain a laser focus on teaching and learning with technology as the tool to help student and adult learners succeed. This session will offer tips for successful library/tech collaboration and tools to remix the Library Media Center for today’s students using podcasts, ebooks, blended learning, and more.

PRESENTERS: John Marcus, director of technology and libraries for Sharon (MA) Public Schools; Donna Liebman, Library Media Specialist, Hartford, CT; Deborah Marshall, Department Chair Career & Technical Education, Granby High School, & Lisa Ward, Library Media Specialist, Norfolk, VA; Barbara Johnson, Librarian, Jack Jackter Intermediate School, Colchester CT

The Evolving School Library Presentation

Deborah Marshall and Lisa Ward's Presentation "Joining Forces"

Deborah Marshall and Lisa Ward's Website Resources

Rethinking Academic Coaches (Future Ready Gear: Personalized Professional Learning)

Many schools have added academic “coaching” models that dedicate staff members to train teachers on the effective implementation of tech & learning. This session provides examples of these successful instructional coaching models and offers tips and guidelines you can use to replicate these best practices in your schools.

PRESENTERS: Kevin Windsor, District Technology Coach & Elementary Educator, Garnet Valley School District, PA; Paul Sanfrancesco, Director of Technology, Owen J Roberts, PA; Laura Chesson, Assistant Superintendent, Arlington Public Schools, MA

Rethinking Academic Coaching Presentation

Meeting Wise Workshop

In this highly interactive workshop facilitated by Data Wise Project Director Kathryn Parker Boudett, you will learn how “Meeting Wise: Making the Most of Collaborative Time for Educators” can help you and your colleagues make a fundamental shift in how you design and run meetings.

Is Collaborative PD Time Being Wasted in Schools? 

Refreshment and Networking Break: Playground

Industry Spotlights

Hear from the companies that are sponsoring this event and shaping the future of educational technology.

Anything Goes Discussions #1 

These discussions, on topics suggested by attendees when you register, provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders.Topics will be repeated at 2:15 and include:

*Say Goodbye to Textbooks—For Good! (Patrick Larkin, Assistant Superintendent for Learning, Burlington Public Schools)

*Balancing Good Student Data Privacy Policy with Classroom Innovation (Paul Barrette, Director of Technology, Smithfield Public Schools, Smithfield RI)

*STEM Exploratory and Aerospace programs (Jennifer Reed, STEM Exploratory Teacher, Newington Public Schools, CT)

*PD Goes Global (Ken Veon, Mandy Vasek, & Mike Daugherty)

*3D Printing: The Possibilities (Julie York, Career Preparation Department Chair, South Portland High School, South Portland ME)

*Digital Learning Lab Classrooms (Tom Driscoll, Bristol Warren Regional School District, Bristol, RI)

Digital Learning Lab Classrooms Overview

Digital Learning Lab Snapshots

Digital Learning Labs Template

* Equity for All School Community Members (Robby McKenney, K-5 Technology Coordinator, Waterford Public SChools, Waterford, CT

*LMS Rollouts: from Vision to Reality (Jennifer Holmes, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist, Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School, MA and Bruce Chakrin, Director of Technology, SAU #39 – Amherst, Mont Vernon, Souhegan, NH)

*Remixing the Library Media Center (Donna Liebman, Library Media Specialist, Hartford, Hartford, CT)

*Berwick Innovation Meets the ISTE Standards (Darcy Coffta, Innovation Center Director, Berwick Academy and Wendy Harrington, Director of Academic Technology, South Berwick ME)

*Managing the Digital Classroom (Leo Brehm CIO/CTO, Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough)

*STEM in K-5 (Jen Trombino, Instructional Technology Specialist, Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough)

STEM in K-5 Presentation

STEM-STEAM Resources

*Google Apps (Carol S. Holzberg, Director of Technology, Greenfield Public Schools)

* "Video Games, VR and AR in Education" (Michael Hale, Innovation & Technology Readiness Teacher, Casco Bay High School)

Michael Hale's Resources

*…and Anything Goes!


Dessert & Demos: Playground

Breakout Session #2 

Blended Learning: The Key to Personalized, Scalable Instruction? (Future Ready Gear: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment)

Blended instruction can create smaller class sizes, flexible schedules, and adaptive teaching that results in true personalized learning. These schools share their stories of how they used blended, online, and virtual learning to improve the learning experience for their students.

PRESENTERS: Grace Magley, Director of Blended and Online Learning, Natick (MA) Public Schools; Corey Lennon, District Technology Coach from South Kingstown (RI) School District, Shawn Rubin, Director of Blended Learning, Highlander Institute; Moderator: Eric Butash, Dir Strategy & Implementation for Highlander Institute

Blended Learning Presentation

Response Systems for Engaged Classrooms and Formative Assessment: An Interactive Shoot Out (Future Ready Gear: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment)

Join four presenters as each pitches the functionality and value of individual “response systems” such as PearDeck, Nearpod, Formative and Socrative. Rate each tool on a number of measures to determine which is Best in Show. Teachers will see firsthand the strengths and shortcomings of each solution and decide which is the best fit for your classrooms. Administrators will benefit from a side-by-side comparison of four of the response systems in a crowded market to better inform their decision making. All participants will leave with a software evaluation rubric and hands-on experience from both a student and teacher’s perspective. So bring your smartphones, tablets and laptops and join us in interactive quizzes, exit tickets and other formative assessment practices in a simulated classroom setting. No prior experience with response systems is required.

PRESENTERS: Sal Contes, Assistant Principal, NYCDOE; Jackie Patanio, Borough instructional lead/instructional technology specialist, NYCDOE; Mike Arsenault, Instructional Technology Integrator at Frank Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth, ME; Becca Redman, Secondary English & Career Prep teacher, Wells Ogunquit, ME; Moderator: Andrew Wallace, Director of Technology, South Portland, ME

Formative Assessment Shootout Presentation

Digital Citizenship (Future Ready Gear: Privacy and Data)

This workshop will focus on how to create specific policies and procedures that can educate school communities on their roles in the appropriate use of social media--not to limit or ban these powerful tools, but to harness their power in positive ways.

Workshop leader: Paul Sanfrancesco, Director of Technology

Owen J Roberts, PA

Digital Citizenship Presentation

Anything Goes Discussions #2 

These discussions, on topics suggested by attendees when you register, provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders.Topics (repeated from 11:05) include:

*Say Goodbye to Textbooks—For Good! (Patrick Larkin, Assistant Superintendent for Learning, Burlington Public Schools)

*Balancing Good Student Data Privacy Policy with Classroom Innovation (Paul Barrette, Director of Technology, Smithfield Public Schools, Smithfield RI)

*STEM Exploratory and Aerospace programs (Jennifer Reed, STEM Exploratory Teacher, Newington Public Schools, CT)

*PD Goes Global (Ken Veon, Mandy Vasek, & Mike Daugherty)

*3D Printing: The Possibilities (Julie York, Career Preparation Department Chair, South Portland High School, South Portland ME)

*Digital Learning Lab Classrooms (Tom Driscoll, Bristol Warren Regional School District, Bristol, RI)

* Equity for All School Community Members (Robby McKenney, K-5 Technology Coordinator, Waterford Public SChools, Waterford, CT

*LMS Rollouts: from Vision to Reality (Jennifer Holmes, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist, Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School, MA and Bruce Chakrin, Director of Technology, SAU #39 – Amherst, Mont Vernon, Souhegan, NH)

*Remixing the Library Media Center (Donna Liebman, Library Media Specialist, Hartford, Hartford, CT)

*Berwick Innovation Meets the ISTE Standards (Darcy Coffta, Innovation Center Director, Berwick Academy and Wendy Harrington, Director of Academic Technology, South Berwick ME)

*Managing the Digital Classroom (Leo Brehm CIO/CTO, Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough)

*STEM in K-5 (Jen Trombino, Instructional Technology Specialist, Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough)

*Google Apps (Carol S. Holzberg, Director of Technology, Greenfield Public Schools)

* "Video Games, VR and AR in education: (Michael Hale, Innovation & Technology Readiness Teacher, Casco Bay High School)

*…and Anything Goes!

Closing Session & Reception: Playground

Join the party!

T&L Live will close with a series of short presentations that offer specific takeaways/highlights from the day. These presentations will be followed by a reception where you can unwind and network with colleagues and industry partners—as well as participate in the end-of-day prize drawing! 


Keynote Speaker

Kathryn Parker Boudett

Director, Data Wise Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Kathryn Parker Boudett is lecturer on education and the director of the Data Wise Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her passion lies in supporting educators in working together effectively to improve learning and teaching. She oversees a portfolio of on-campus and online programs (including a MOOC) that teach educators how to integrate the Data Wise Improvement Process into their core work. She also leads the Data Wise Coach Certification Program, which is designed to help schools and systems bring wise data practices to scale. Her publications include Meeting Wise: Making the Most of Collaborative Time for Educators (2014), coauthored with Elizabeth City; Data Wise: A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Assessment Results to Improve Teaching and Learning, Revised and Expanded Edition (2013), co-edited with Elizabeth City and Richard Murnane; Data Wise in Action: Stories of Schools Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning (2007), co-edited with Jennifer Steele; and Key Elements of Observing Practice: A Data Wise DVD and Facilitator’s Guide (2010), co-authored with Elizabeth City and Marcia Russell; all of which are published by Harvard Education Press. Boudett holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a BA in Economics from Yale University.


Mike Arsenault @marsenault

Instructional Technology Integrator - Yarmouth, Maine School Department

Mike Arsenault has been the Instructional Technology Integrator at Frank H. Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth, Maine for the past 10 years. Under his leadership, Frank H. Harrison Middle School has been an Apple Distinguished School since 2007. He has been a Google Certified Innovator since attending the Google Teacher Academy in Chicago, IL in 2013. He is passionate about professional development and pre-service teacher preparation, co-leading a collaborative project within Maine connecting Technology Integrators with pre-service teachers. Mike has supported administrators, teachers and students in 1:1 environments since 2001. He is on Maine’s ISTE affiliate’s (ACTEM) board representing Technology Integrators.

Paul Barrette @head_geek

Director of Technology

Since 1994, Paul Barrette has worked in Massachusetts and Rhode Island K12 education as a teacher, staff developer, technology curriculum specialist, and Director of Technology. He is passionate about teacher professional development and has been creating “just in time” support and instructional materials for teachers for well over a decade. Paul is currently the Director of Technology for the Smithfield, RI Public Schools and was awarded ISTE's “Making IT Happen” award in December of 2015. He is a member of the technology sub-committee of the Rhode Island Northwest Consortium of Schools and has been instrumental in organizing the consortium’s “Summer Teacher Technology Institute” since 2011. Paul also served as President of the Rhode Island ISTE affiliate from 2008 until 2010 and has been elected to serve again as the President beginning in July of 2016.

Leo Brehm @leobrehm


As CIO for the Northborough and Southborough Regional District, Leo is responsible for district-wide technology operations, instructional technology. Throughout his career, he has supported education in a variety of roles, including a technology support specialist, instructional technology specialist, network administrator, director of technology, and adjunct professor in three districts and a higher education institution. Currently he sits on the K12 advisory committee to IMS Global and the Board of Directors for the The Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning and Creativity. For several years, he served on the MassCUE Board of Directors in addition to serving as its treasurer and president. He has a B.A. in Media and Public Relations, an Ed.M. in Instructional Technology and is working on an Ed.D in Education Leadership from Northeastern University. His is passionate and dedicated to the advancement of learning through a schooling model that is both student-centered and personalized.

Eric Butash @EricButash

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Eric is responsible for the design, creation, and operations of various statewide systems as it relates to the implementation of blended & personalized learning initiatives. He has spent the past 13 years in technology leadership roles most of which serving as Director of Technology for the North Smithfield Schools. Eric has served as the president for the RISTE (Rhode Island Society of Technology Educators) Organization and has worked with RI Department of Education on various statewide initiatives.

Jessie Butash @jessiebutash

Assistant Principal of Teaching & Learning - Cumberland High School

Jessie Butash is an Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning at Cumberland High School and a board member of the Rhode Island Instructional Leadership Academy. She has spent the majority of her sixteen years in education at as a Middle School social studies teacher and worked as a state-wide induction coach to beginning teachers. Jessie is now part of a team of FUSE fellows working with the Highlander Institute to accelerate Blended Learning in RI and co-organized a Blended Learning on line learning module as a professional development opportunity for RI principals. She is a trained facilitator of “Leading Blended Learning”, a course for principals developed by the Friday Institute, an organization that focuses on advancing education through innovative teaching, learning, and leadership.

Darcy Coffta @DCoffta

Innovation Center Director, Berwick Academy, Maine

Darcy Coffta is Director of Innovation and Upper School librarian at Berwick Academy, a PK-12 independent day school in South Berwick, Maine. Under Darcy’s direction Berwick’s Innovation program received a 2013 Follett Challenge Award and was featured as a “School That Shines” by local NBC news affiliate WCSH6. Darcy has guided hundreds of students through the Innovation Pursuit process, which includes brainstorming ideas, mentor-pairing, program design and project management, as well as connecting with industry experts and public demonstration. Darcy’s recent conference presentations include ISTE 2014, the 2014 Reidy Interactive Lecture Series, and Connected Librarians 2014. Berwick Innovation presented at the NAIS national conference in Boston, SXSWedu in Austin, the Peabody Essex Museum of Salem in 2015, and OESIS in Los Angeles in February. Most recently, Darcy has embarked on developing a remote pilot program that will included elements of the Innovation Pursuit framework bundled with components of college counseling available to students all over the country.

Mike Daugherty @MoreThanATech

Director of Technology

Mike Daugherty has over seventeen years experience in educational technology. He serves teachers and administrators who are looking for the best ways to implement technology in their classroom or district. His site,, is a packed full of resources to integrate new technology while making it feel exciting, not scary.

Lisa Ward Deborah Marshall

Lisa is a NBCT Librarian and Deborah is a Career & Technical Education Department Chair at Granby High School, Norfolk, VA. Both have been Teacher of the Year. They have collaborated for the past 10 years on state technology initiatives, presented Train the Trainer professional developments throughout Virginia and have been published in library and science journals.

Tom Driscoll @Mr_Driscoll

Director of Educational Technology - Bristol Warren Regional School District

Tom Driscoll is the Director of Educational Technology for the Bristol Warren Regional School District in Rhode Island. Previously, Tom taught high school social studies for eight years in northeastern Connecticut. Tom regularly speaks at conferences, consults with school districts, and has authored chapters for several books on instructional technology including "Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement" and “Flipping 2.0.” Tom’s key areas of expertise include flipped learning, mastery learning, gamification, Google Apps for Education, iPad integration, and district-wide digital learning planning.

Nick Greenwood @GreenWeb72

Technology Specialist

Nick Greenwood currently serves as a Technology Specialist in the Northborough Southborough Public Schools District. Bringing a keen understanding of technology he has helped foster and implement the use of technology in new ways. After receiving a grant for makerspace equipment he has closely guided many teachers through the beginning first steps of introducing these unfamiliar tools to the classroom. Many have blossomed into their own and are now able to work with this new equipment independently.

Michael Hale @@cbhsc3dir

Innovation Technology Readiness Educator

Innovation Technology Readiness Educator, CBHS Maine Game Club/USM Creative Intelligence Innovation lab (Ci2) Partner, Dir. of Guidance, Casco Bay High School Portland, ME Michael has been a teacher leader, administrator and innovation education leader for nearly 20 years in a variety of innovative educational communities including: Boys Town, GEAR UP, public schools, a language school in Ecuador, OMNI summer camp (formerly known as the Samantha Smith World Peace Camp) and Casco Bay High School for Expeditionary Learning. He has been a sought after speaker and workshop leader in a variety of local, regional and national workshops, conferences and symposiums. He is the Stupski Foundation faculty adviser for The Pathways to Success Digital ‘Portfolume’ Student Posse, a student-led technology initiative with the goal of creating and implementing “technological innovation for the public and private sector.” beginning with a digital portfolio that could be used beyond high school. Casco Bay High School, recently named by Education Week as " of 35 high schools across the country and abroad worth visiting," is a nationally recognized, U.S. News ranked, standards-based Expeditionary Learning network mentor high school. Michael has developed a workshop series entitled, "Explore Your Dreams: The Crazy Ones, Mindfulness, Innovation Readiness and Your Long, Winding Path" or A 15 Minute Innovative Recipe for Students & Parents". He is collaborating with the University of Southern Maine Creative Intelligence Innovation lab (Ci2) to connect high school students to college students & professors working in an innovative environment. He is also the CIO of ID@T "Innovation Dream Arts & Technology" consulting. You can learn more about Casco Bay HS and ID@T at:

Wendy Harrington @BerwickTech

Director of Academic Technology, Berwick Academy

K-12 Technology Integrator

Barbara Johnson @@technojohnson

Library Media Specialist

Barbara is a Library Media Specialist at Jack Jackter Intermediate School, teaching grades 3-5. She serves on the Board of Directors for CECA and CASL, and is the Chairperson for the CT Digital Library Advisory Board. She has most recently joined EBSCO Information Services on their K-12 School Library Advisory Board and has been recognized as a 2015 PBS Digital Innovator.

Corey Lennon @lennoncorey

Technology Coach, South Kingstown School Department

Corey Lennon is a Middle School Technolgy Coach for the South Kingstown School Department where she serves on the district technology committee. Corey is the South Kingstown Teacher of the Year for the 2015- 2016 school year. Additionally, she is also a FUSE RI fellow at the Highlander Institute where she is part of a team that is working to ignite Blended Learning throughout the state of Rhode Island.

Donna Liebman

Library Media Specialist, Hartford, Hartford, CT

Donna has extensive experience as a certified library media specialist for over 25 years working in a variety of settings school, public and university and graduated from Simmons Graduate School of Information studies. Experiences include school library media specialist k-8, assistant branch librarian in a public setting, and director of circulation at UConn school of social work West Hartford, CT. A recipient of the following grants twice Laura Bush Foundation and two times recipient of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving for Programs. She was a recipient of United Technologies reading incentive grant for over 20,000 dollars which allowed our library to receive state of the art science books and develop an science book club. Served as the library media specialist on the Hartford District Science curriculum team. I love being a librarian and teaching information literacy skills and engaging youth into creative information quests and encouraging life long learning.

Andy Littlefield @AndyLittlefield

Director of Technology at the Cooperative Middle School, Stratham N.H.

Andy Littlefield is the Technology Administrator for the Cooperative Middle School in Stratham, NH and Instructor of Social Media and Coding and 3D Video Game Design at The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School. He has a Master's in Technology in Education and Advanced Certificate in Online Instruction through Lesley University, Boston, MA. In 2015, Andy was granted a sabbatical to research schools with blended learning programs. He visited schools in Arizona, California, Maine, New Hampshire, and Texas. Many of the schools were reviewed and mentioned by Michael B. Horn & Heather Staker in their book "Blended Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools." He was a Spotlight Speaker at the 2015 Christ McAuliffe Conference in N.H. on the topic Blended and Personalized Learning. In 2015 Huffington Post identified him as one of the Top 100 Most Social K-12 Tech Leaders on Twitter. He is one of the organizers of the Portsmouth N.H. Seacoast EdCamp. Andy has written and secured funding through local grants to fund courses and teacher training seminars. Served as president of NHSTE in 1994 and as a member of the N.H. Department Educational Goals 2000 technology initiative. This is his 36th year in public education with 21 years of classroom experience.

Grace Magley @gmagley

Director of Digital Learning, Natick Public Schools MA USA

Grace is an enthusiastic, educational leader who has helped hundreds of educators in Massachusetts design and build blended learning environments for their classrooms using research-based instructional practices. Grace sits on the board of directors for MassCUE and the TEC Connections Academy Virtual School (TECCA). As an adjunct professor at Framingham State College, Grace facilitates courses on leading and designing blended learning in schools and districts. is a professional learning network that Grace founded in 2014 that is focused on advancing Blended, Personalized Learning in Massachusetts K-12 schools.

John Martin @edventures

Director of Innovation & Technology

Father, husband, educator, administrator, former school board member and community volunteer, John works to create the best possible educational environment for learners of all ages, in all places, at any time. Currently serving as Director for Innovation & Technology for the Inter-Lakes School District in Meredith, NH, his renewed focus on growth mindset & design thinking is shifting his mission towards serving his learning community as an Experi-Mentor and Edu-Imagineer.

Jackie Patanio @JPatanio

Borough Instructional Lead-Instructional Technology NYCDOE

Jackie is a Borough Instructional Lead ,working on the Teaching & Learning team at The Staten Island Borough Field Support Center. Currently she works on a District team providing Professional Learning opportunities across content with the focus on Instructional Technology & STEM. The main focus of her work is collaboratively creating a District Technology Vision and supporting schools creating their technology visions. She is providing Professional Learning, specific guidance and cohort work to schools throughout District 31 in Staten Island. Prior to assuming her current position Jackie Patanio was the Technology Coach & Teacher at PS 16.

Becca Redman @MsRedmanEnglish

7-12 Classroom Teacher & University EdTech Instructor

Becca Redman is a career preparation teacher at Wells High School (Maine), where she serves on the district technology committee. Additionally, she is also an Educational Media & Technology instructor at the University of Southern Maine. As a member of the #EdChatME design team, Becca has presented at many area high schools on the topics of social media and PLN power. As educators in Maine continue to refine curriculum & assessment practices, Becca has recently facilitated sessions on a range of proficiency-related topics, particularly regarding purposeful tech integration for smooth workflow & increased engagement. Committed to providing access to high-quality, teacher-driven PD across the state, she is a founding organizer of EdCamp Western Maine (Farmington) & an organizer of EdCamp Maine (Portland).

Shawn Rubin @ShawnCRubin

Director of Blended Learning at Highlander Institute

As the Director of Blended Learning, Shawn manages the Institute’s personalized and blended learning initiatives. Shawn also leads the Fuse RI fellowship and co-founded various programs including the EdUnderground, EdTechRI, and Metryx, a start-up software company building flexible formative assessment tools for educators where he serves as CEO. Shawn earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan and his Master’s in Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and served as a founding faculty member of the Highlander Charter School before joining the Institute in 2011.

Paul Sanfrancesco @psanfran19

Director of Technology, Owen J Roberts SD, Pottstown, PA

Julie Sicks-Panus @j6panus

K-8 STEM Teacher with 24 years experience teaching technology and engineering. Key interest areas are aerospace, robotics, rocketry and little "e" engineering.

Jean Tower @jeantower

Director of Media and Digital Learning

Jean Tower currently serves as the Director of Media and Digital Learning for Needham Public Schools in Massachusetts. Jean’s primary interest is in effective integration of technology in the curriculum and in creating the essential conditions to enable that to happen. Before working in the public schools, she worked in information technology in the private sector, as well as in higher education. Ms. Tower has 25 years of experience in K-12 educational technology, a BS in Computer Science, a Master’s degree in Critical and Creative Thinking, and a CAGS in Educational Administration from Boston University. She serves on the board and is a past chair of The Consortium for School Networking, CoSN, a national organization for school technology leaders. Jean is the Past President of the Board of the Massachusetts Educational Technology Administrators Association. She writes a blog (at on technology and education.

Jennifer Trombino @@JenTrombino

Instructional Technology Specialist

Jennifer Trombino’s 20 years in education has focused on integrating curriculum and technology, as a classroom teacher, technology coordinator, and instructional technology specialist. In her current role in the Northborough and Southborough Public Schools, she works with elementary educators and students and she is the Coordinator for the district’s K-12 Digital Literacy Leaders Team. Jennifer is currently working with a group of educators to focus on integrating makerspaces and a "maker mindset." She is a Google Certified Trainer and she develops and presents technology professional development in the classroom, online, and at national and regional conferences.

Mandy Vasek @MandyVasek

Assistant Principal, Midway ISD, Texas

Mandy Vasek is an assistant principal for Woodway Elementary near Waco, Texas (Midway ISD). She currently attends the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in pursuit of a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership. Mandy's research includes principal's professional development through the use of social media. She is passionate about learning and growing as an educator. Mandy has presented her research ideas, literature findings, and Twitter trainings around the great state of Texas and in Atlanta, Ohio, Washington D.C., and Austin. .

Ken Veon, Ph.D. @BeachwoodTech

Director of Operations & Technology, Beachwood, Ohio

Ken is the Director of Operations & Technology for the Beachwood City Schools in Ohio. He has been a 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teacher, Elementary Principal, and Director of Curriculum & Technology before his current role. He has presented all around the US about the use of educational technology, especially about technologies that promote formative assessment practices. He and several technology directors have created "NEOTIE" to help develop a regional and global group to help promote the use of educational technology in the classroom.

Andrew Wallace @@andrewtwallace

Director of Technology, South Portland Maine Schools

Andrew Wallace has been a technology leader in Maine for the past 15 years. His team of technologists and librarians are continually looking for ways to implement a technology infused Learning Commons approach in their schools. He is also the Treasurer of the Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine (ACTEM), Maine’s ISTE affiliate. Educated as a school librarian, Wallace has a keen interest in blending traditional and digital literacy, expanding access to resources beyond the school walls, and exploring new models of technology integration and professional development. He has taught over one hundred administrators across Maine the effective uses of mobile devices, and serves as the state’s public school representative for the National Center for Educational Statistics. Andrew was named the 2014 Administrator of the Year by the Maine Association of School Librarians.

Kevin Windsor @@GVWindsor

Educator & K-12 Instructional Technology Coach, Garnet Valley School District

For the past decade, Kevin Windsor has been an Elementary Educator & a K-12 Instructional Technology Coach for the Garnet Valley School District in Glen Mills, PA. Since 2011, he has also worked as an Adjunct Professor of Education at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. After obtaining a BA in History from Albright College, he later achieved certification in Elementary Education (K-6) from Widener University, and went to earn a M.Ed in K-12 Instructional Technology from St. Joseph's University. Kevin is a SMART Exemplary Educator (SEE), Turning Point Technologies Distinguished Educator, Keystone Technology Integrator, & Google Certified Educator. He has presented at national and regional conferences, including ISTE (Philadelphia), PETE & C, Excellence in Education Expo (Hershey), Tech & Learning Live, &

Julie York @@MrsYorkME

Career Preparation Department Chair, Educational Access Channel Operator & Webmaster, South Portland

Julie York is the Career Preparation Department Chair, Educational Access Channel Operator, and Webmaster for South Portland High School in South Portland, Maine. She is a Graphite Certified educator who is dedicated to the inclusion of computer science, STEAM, and media literacy in high school curriculum. She has created and maintained several computer and media electives in her school system and is now working on concurrent classes with a local college allowing students to earn college credit while still in high school.


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Lightspeed Systems

Lightspeed Systems Inc. develops comprehensive network security and management solutions for the education market. We are committed to helping schools of all sizes operate their networks effectively and efficiently. Our innovative, comprehensive solutions for network security, internet filtering, monitoring, management, and optimization allow educators to provide safe online teaching and learning environments.


Tales2go believes children must be good listeners before they can become great students. Repeated exposure to spoken sophisticated words drives vocabulary acquisition and retention, which is a key component of reading proficiency. Reading proficiency, in turn, is critical to academic success. Tales2go is your partner in the fight for better literacy, making it easier and more cost-effective to add a listening component to reading instruction. We stream over five thousand audio book titles from leading publishers to desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond. Tales2go is used in a growing number of schools and districts across the U.S., including Los Angeles USD, Broward County Schools, Berkeley USD and Heartland AEA. More information is available at

Silver Level Sponsors

AG iRepair

AG iRepair has revolutionized the way 950+ of the most innovative school districts throughout the nation are maintaining their mobile technology initiatives, by performing elite screen repairs and parts procurement through exclusive networks. In addition, AG iRepair works with AASP’s, Apple Specialists, and insurance and warranty providers. AG iRepair accepts school PO’s and offers 1 – 3 day turnaround times on all repairs. AG iRepairs can help your school’s budget substantially compared to using any insurance or warranty services.


AGParts is the leading supplier of Chromebook Parts, supporting School 21st Century Learning and 1:1 Programs in 41 states. Their 14+ years of Laptop and Tablet knowledge combined with an 84,000 square foot cutting edge facility, experienced staff and advanced IT systems ensures they provide you with superior service. AGParts accept school PO’s and ship High-quality-OEM parts for numerous laptop and tablet models. Their maintained stock allows most orders to be shipped the day they are received.

Bump Armor

Founded in 2011 in sunny Sausalito, California, Bump Armor is now one of the most recognized brands in the K12 market. Bump Armor is a leader of unique, specially designed and constructed protective cases for Chromebooks, laptops, tablets and iPads. Bump Armor products are created through a collaboration with an experienced mechanical engineer, a young industrial designer and direct feedback from educators in the K12 market. All products are designed with 4 core principals: protection, style, quality and function. Bump Armor protective solutions provide the best protection from a world full of dangers including the rigors of the K12 classroom.


CDW Government (CDW-G) is a leading provider of technology solutions to education, government and healthcare customers. The company features dedicated account managers who help customers choose the right technology products and services to meet their needs. The company’s solutions architects and engineers offer expertise in designing customized solutions, while its advanced technology engineers assist customers with the implementation and long-term management of those solutions. For more information about CDW-G product offerings, procurement options, service and solutions, call 1.800.808.4239, or visit

HUB Tech

HUB Tech is an award winning Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner based in South Easton, MA and holds several Massachusetts state approved contract designations. We are an ITC47 state contractor for information technology products and professional services, an ITT50 Converged Voice and Data contractor, an ITS53 IT service and solution provider, and OFF40 for audio, video, and We have strong expertise and proven experience supporting hundreds of schools throughout New England. We have developed proprietary tools and strategies that have enabled HUB Tech to lower cost and increase the quality of service to our clients. Why HUB Tech? We partner with the best in class technology vendors to provide cost effective technology solutions and managed services. Our team of trained and certified engineers and technicians hold decades of experience in the To learn more details about HUB Tech and our offerings, visit our website


Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions. The company is ranked among the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users. Throughout its 15-year history Kaspersky Lab has remained an innovator in IT security and provides effective digital security solutions for consumers, SMBs and Enterprises. Named one of Fast Company Magazine’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World, Kaspersky Lab has over 2,500 employees, including more than 800 research and development specialists and operates in almost 200 countries and territories across the globe, providing protection for over 300 million users worldwide.For further information about the company:


Unlock the engineer in your students with littleBits -- easy-to-use electronic building blocks that engage students in powerful STEAM learning. Founded by Ayah Bdeir, an alum of MIT’s Media Lab, littleBits is on a mission to democratize hardware by empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small.


MIDAS (Massively Integrated Data Analytics System) makes Education Enterprise Management (EEM) a reality. Imagine all of your district’s data and content — from grades, attendance, and state reporting to assessment analytics, automatic scheduling, and professional development ROI — stored in one system, accessible from anywhere through a simple, intuitive interface. That’s MIDAS.

Stirling Communications Supply

Stirling Communications is New Jersey based AV distributor and US importer of ConenMounts, Germany´s leading manufacturer of educational furniture and visual presentation equipment. Built on its 40 years of experience, Conen´s mounting solutions are designed around the educator and installer. They offer ease of installation and ease of use, provide flexibility and complement the technology they support. All products are designed to withstand intensive daily use and to offer perfect ergonomics. Our products include height adjustable mounts & carts for interactive whiteboards, flat panel displays as well as projection whiteboards, over-the-board mounts etc.

Think Through Math

Think Through Math capitalizes on the power of the Web to bring students, resources and educational support together - any time, any place. TTM empowers educators to more effectively address expanding class sizes, increasing diversity, and changing standards, making TRUE 1:1 personalized instruction for EVERY child an affordable reality for schools. Used by millions of students across the country, Think Through Math’s award-winning program includes live, online math teachers who provide struggling students with real-time 1:1 tutoring. TTM’s customized motivation increases engagement and builds self-esteem. Multiple research studies have shown that Think Through Math significantly improves student math achievement.


WP Technologies' mission is to help corporations connect, create, and communicate their vision through innovative and cutting-edge IT & AV technology. WP Technologies, Inc is successful in deploying grass-roots strategies, marketing campaigns, and product development to bring new technologies to market. WP Technologies, Inc has a history in successfully selling and designing AV systems for corporations. We are very excited about bringing the WePresent WiPG-1000, the WiPG-1500, and the new WiPG-2000 to the North American market and bringing dealers online with us to sell this exciting and innovative new product by Awind.

Association Partners


The Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine's (ACTEM) mission is to enhance and influence education in Maine through the use of technology. To accomplish their mission, ACTEM is actively involved in educational endeavors throughout the state. The organization supports over 900 members. They offer professional development, produce and host the MAINEducation Conference, provide group purchasing opportunities, support student programs, and advocate for technology directors and educators in the state.


MassCUE (Massachusetts Computing Using Educators), an organization of technology-using educators, is theMassachusetts affiliate of the Interna-tional Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). MassCUE has over 1600 members including Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, and Principals, Instructional Technology Specialist, Librarians, classroom teachers and higher educational professionals.The mission of MassCUE, is to create, share, and support visions of teaching and learning which focus on uses of technology which enhance the educational environment. MassCUE offers numerous professional development opportunities as well as helps to develop and support national and international computing policy for education. For more information, go to


METAA is the professional organization for K-12 leaders of educational technology in Massachusetts. Our mission is to unite Massachusetts K-12 educational technology administrators into one professional association for the purpose of advocating for and supporting the vision, policies, practices, and funding for historical, current, and cutting edge technology within all aspects of teaching, learning, and professional productivity.


NE-ISTE is an organization representing the ISTE affiliates in the six New England States (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont). The goal is to provide a forum for coordination and support of state technology organizations through a regional effort.


RISTE is a not-for-profit association whose mission is to promote excellence in education through the integration of existing and emerging technologies. It is dedicated to the improvement of education in Rhode Island K-12 schools through the use of technology. RISTE's primary membership consists of public K-12 schools districts, private-independent K-12 schools, and religious K-12 schools. RISTE is an affiliate of the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) and provides leadership, support and training for K-12 educational technology leaders. RISTE also facilitates member networking as a means of support and members meet to discuss educational practice and technology.