Here's what your colleagues have to say about past Tech Forums:

  • "Extremely Informative both for Classroom and Technology Information"
  • "Attendee Handbook Is a Fantastic Resource"
  • "One of the Best 1 Day Conferences I've Been to"
  • "Excellent conference."
  • "Great exposure to a variety of topics."
  • "Helpful, insightful and forward thinking."
  • Good networking opportunities."
  • "Thought provoking and informative."
  • "Among the best conferences I have attended — well organized and
    something for everyone."
  • "The sponsors demonstrated new and innovative products."
  • "Very enriching."
  • "It was great to attend a conference especially directed towards Tech Leaders."
  • "Excellent Format, Content and Venue"
  • "The Breadth and Depth of Information was Superb"
  • "Manageable Size — Good Opportunities for Discussion"
  • "Tech Forum is one of the Best conferences in the Area!"
  • "I learned a lot from this event."
  • "Topics and speakers were top notch."
  • "Excellent Keynote"
  • "Very Productive Day. Certainly a Worthwhile Use of My Time"