BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: Cicero District 99 Implements IXL to Provide Differentiated Math Instruction

IXL Learning today announced that Cicero District 99 in Cicero, Illinois, has purchased IXL Math for all 4,500 sixth through eighth grade students.

District 99 is a public elementary school district in a suburb of Chicago that receives Title I funding for several of its initiatives. The district piloted IXL and two other products during the spring of 2018 and selected IXL after seeing its positive impacts, which included increased mastery of mathematical concepts and higher confidence among students.

A study of all 3,764 public schools in Illinois found that the proficiency rate on the PARCC in schools using IXL for one year was 5 percentile points higher in math and 4 percentile points higher in ELA compared to schools not using IXL. Schools using IXL for two years saw even bigger gains (9 percentile points higher in math and 8 percentile points higher in English language arts).

Built on more than 3,900 skills that deconstruct every concept into scaffolded building blocks, IXL's math curriculum allows teachers to target specific areas of need. Each skill offers built-in adaptivity that ensures students are working at the right difficulty level and getting the appropriate support.

IXL also offers tools that allow teachers to make more effective instructional decisions. IXL's Continuous Diagnosticpinpoints students' grade-level proficiency in math and English and generates personalized skill recommendations. IXL Analytics provides reports such as Trouble Spots, which District 99's teachers use to uncover the skills that groups of students are struggling with. 

In addition to common core math, IXL covers K-12 English language arts, science, social studies and Spanish, and is aligned to the Common Core and all state standards. IXL is available online and as an app for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets. For more information, visit