BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: Indiana DOE Includes i-Ready Diagnostic on Approved Formative Assessment Program List

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The Indiana Department of Education recently included iReady Diagnostic on its Approved Formative Assessment Program List for the 2019–2020 school year. All public schools, charter schools, and accredited nonpublic schools involved in Indiana’s Formative Assessment Grant can continue using the program, which is part of the i-Ready online diagnostic and instructional program, for Grades K–10. i-Ready Diagnostic is already being used in more than 200 schools across the state.  

According to the Indiana Department of Education website, Indiana’s Formative Assessment Grant provides funding to schools for formative assessment programs, tools, and targeted professional development in order to increase data-driven instructional practices and enrich learning for all students. 

To receive Indiana Department of Education approval, all assessment programs must include interim/benchmark assessments that are provided to students at intervals throughout the year, must measure student achievement and/or growth regarding Indiana Academic Standards over the course of the year, and must not be curricular in nature. Approved programs must also include at least a 90 percent alignment to Indiana Academic Standards. The approved program list for the 2019–2020 school year features only six assessment vendors, including Curriculum Associates. i-Ready Diagnostic has been included on the list since the inception of the grant.  

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