BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: Mentoring Minds Introduces ThinkUp! for Texas Educators

Today at the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA) Summer Conference, K-12 publisher Mentoring Minds, introduced ThinkUp! for Texas educators, aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Available for math, science, writing, English/language arts and reading (ELAR) in both print and digital formats, ThinkUp! aims to provide educators tools needed to deepen student engagement and establish a culture of critical thinking in the classroom.

The new interactive digital platform features web-based curriculum, focused interactive questions, and individual and small-group activities. The print and digital bundle for ThinkUp! offer educators the opportunity to plan curriculum anytime, anywhere.

Core to Mentoring Minds and the ThinkUp! product line are the 9 Traits of Critical Thinking. By incorporating these research-based nine traits – adapt, examine, create, communicate, collaborate, reflect, strive, link and inquire – into the classroom, educators can guide students towards more successful thinking and learning outcomes.

ThinkUp! ELAR, available for grades 1 to 8, and 1 to 5 for Spanish speakers, integrates activities designed to help teachers accommodate a wide range of learners. The teacher edition offers essential vocabulary and instructional strategies, while the student edition features full-length and grade-appropriate single and paired texts that meet TEKS genre requirements, including reading, inquiry, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and thinking.

ThinkUp! Writing, available for grades 4 and 7 (English only), has been designed to enhance writing proficiency, with an emphasis on focused practice and mastery of revision, editing and composition standards.

ThinkUp! Math, available for grades 1 to 8, and 1 to 5 for Spanish speakers uses manipulatives and images designed to link math to students’ everyday lives and vocabulary activities help develop math literacy while strengthening communication skills. The standards-aligned content embeds problem-solving skills into lessons, placing an emphasis on not just the final answers but on the mathematical processes as well.

ThinkUp! Science, available for grades 3 to 8, and 3 to 5 for Spanish speakers, allows students to connect scientific concepts to the real world through hands-on activities and investigation. Each unit is organized by focus standard and includes engaging activities and interventions to support instruction, intervention and extension, with particular emphasis on scientific processes and concepts.

To see ThinkUp! during TEPSA, visit Mentoring Minds at Booth #200. For more information about ThinkUp! for Texas educators, visitMentoring Minds.