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15 Sites/Apps for Social-Emotional Learning

social-emotional learning
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Supporting social-emotional learning (SEL) continues to be a priority for educators and parents alike. Fortunately, there is an ever-growing number of sites and apps available that provide helpful resources. Here, in alphabetical order, are 15 to get you started.

  •  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - The CDC offers great suggestions on how to deal with stress, especially in regard to the pandemic. 
  •  Classcraft - An innovative game-based learning approach to teaching that helps increase social-emotional learning through collaboration and group dynamics. 
  •  Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure - A fun YouTube video series that teaches relaxing techniques and yoga in a Pokemon setting. 
  •  FUNecole - A digital learning solution for grades 1-6 that offers project-based interdisciplinary programs that include social-emotional learning.
  •  GoNoodle - A popular learning tool that incorporates fun interactive videos to help a student’s physical wellness, academic success, and social-emotional health.  
  •  Kickboard for Schools - Kickboard offers an abundance of resources for social-emotional learning and tips on how to integrate skills and core competencies into the classroom. 
  •  Middle School Confidential - A collection of apps and books designed to help middle school children develop social-emotional learning skills. 
  •  Mind Yeti - Guided sessions and videos designed to teach mindfulness to students. 
  •  Peekapak - Peekapak offers a social-emotional learning curriculum for PreK-5, including a  portal that allows teachers to track and monitor students. 
  •  Quandary - A fantastic game designed to build a student's ethical and critical thinking skills. 
  •  QuaverSEL -  Focused on PreK-5 students, QuaverSEL helps decrease classroom challenges, reinforce safety initiatives, improve attendance, and more. 
  •  Resilient Educator - Offers resources for educators looking to understand what social-emotional learning is and how to integrate it into the classroom. 
  •  Serendipity in Education - A blog by educator Allyson Apsey, who created a “Monday Morning Staff Check-In” to help teachers with their own social-emotional health and to better prepare for the week ahead. 
  •  Social Express - Featuring animated interactive lessons that allow users to practice the skills needed to manage real-life social situations in a safe environment.  
  •  SuperBetter - An innovative site/app that uses game-based learning to build social-emotional skills such as resilience, interpersonal communication, and mental well-being. 

David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at and read his blog at