Baamboozle Lesson Plan

(Image credit: Baamboozle)

Baamboozle is an online platform of games that are intentionally connected to teaching and learning. It offers a flexible suite of games that teachers of any subject area or topics can use to support their instruction while engaging learners. 

Because Baamboozle’s gamified learning offerings are so widespread, covering a plethora of areas, this lesson plan can be used to support any education lesson. 

For an overview of Bamboozle, check out What is Baamboozle and How Can It Be Used for Teaching? Tips and Tricks

Baamboozle offers several ways to interact with the online games, including Slideshow, Play, and Study modes. As such, this sample lesson plan provides guidance on using those three modes in an integrated manner. 

Subject: Any   

Topic: All 

Grade Band: Elementary, Middle, High School 

The first step is to choose the games you want to use to support instruction. Since there are more than a half million games, the most efficient way to decide on one is to use the search feature. Within the first box, you can type in the topic you are searching for based on the lesson. As a reminder, you can focus on any topic or subject area that you are working on improving! Then choose games that align. 

For example, you search “biology” and nearly 900 games will appear. If you provide more specificity and search “ecology,” you will be shown closer to 200 games. If you are a physical education/health teacher you could search “fitness,” which would give you more than 600 games, or “health,” which would give you 2,500+ games. 

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of games that are premade, you as the teacher can customize your own game, so whatever your need, you will be sure to find a game that connects with it. You can also filter the search by language and view alphabetically or by popularity.

Slideshow and Play 

Once you have the game(s) that connect(s) with your lesson subject and topic, you can use the slideshow feature to play the game, while also teaching content to students. 

The collections option allows you to pull from where there are multiple games already packaged based on the same topic. For example, the “adverbs” collection has 12 games included. 

You will be able to create a class pin for students to access the game from their devices, or you can use the projector and interactive whiteboard in your class for the entire class to participate without the need for separate devices. 

After going through a game or two using the slideshow feature, you can play the game as both friendly competition and as an engagement activity. Decide on whether you want to have students work in teams while in play mode, or even create their own games. 


If you use the study mode, the games are transformed into study squares in which students can work independently, revisiting content from earlier in the lesson. This makes for a great homework or general extra practice option to complement the lesson. 

What If I Am Not Familiar With Baamboozle? 

Check out the Baamboozle blog! It’s jam-packed with information, tips, and tricks on using the platform. In addition, the blog highlights some of the most popular games that other teachers and students have engaged in. Within the blog space, there is also a beginners guide available which is helpful to review as a new user. So, even if you have never heard of Baamboozle before or used similar platforms, you will be able to lean into the provided resources and quickly learn to navigate and utilize the system. 

What If All Students Do Not Have Compatible Devices? 

This is one of the unique aspects of Baamboozle. You can use a projector and interactive whiteboard and have the game appear for the entire class in person, or share your screen for an online class. Not having to have individual screens may also help students stay focused on the same thing that you are teaching 

Baamboozle is fun, simple, and full of opportunities to elevate lessons while peaking students’ interest and interaction with content. Try one of the Bamboozle games for any of the subjects and topics that you are up next for your lesson and enjoy students’ engagement and learning.

Dr. Stephanie Smith Budhai is an associate clinical professor in the department of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum at Drexel University, in Pennsylvania. She holds a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies and K-12 teaching certifications in Technology Education, Instructional Technology and Business, Computers, Information Technology, Special Education and Elementary Education. She is also the 2021 Emerging Leader for the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) and the 2017 ISTE Awardee for Excellence in Teacher Education. Dr. Smith Budhai is a Nearpod, and VoiceThread Certified Educator.  Dr. Smith Budhai has more than a decade of online teaching experience, and has published myriad books, articles, and invited editorials surrounding the use of technology and online learning in education. Her publications include: 

- Leveraging Digital Tools to Assess Student Learning 

- Increasing Engagement in Online Learning: Quick Reference Guide

- Culturally Responsive Teaching Online and In-Person: An Action Planner for Dynamic Equitable Learning Environments 

- Teaching the 4Cs with Technology

- Best Practices in Engaging Online Learners through Active and Experiential Learning Strategies

- Nurturing Young Innovators: Cultivating Creativity in the Classroom, Home and Community