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Best Super Bowl Digital Teaching Resources

super bowl
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This Sunday, Feb. 7, the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. For many, Super Sunday has become a national holiday of sorts, with family gatherings and lavish spreads.

The Super Bowl is also an opportunity to open the playbook for some fun learning activities.

NFL PLAY 60 Library & Play 60 Teachers’ Page

The NFL has teamed with the American Heart Association and Discovery Education to challenge kids to move more and reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. This website includes on-demand exercises from NFL teams that are designed for schools to implement at their own pace in hybrid and remote settings. The teachers’ page includes health and science lesson plans and more. 

The Teacher’s Corner 

From football-themed scavenger hunts to sports-related health exercises and exercises for Monday morning based off of Super Bowl ads, the various resources here will allow teachers to pick and choose from an array of Super Bowl-related class activities. 

The suggested lessons here range from social studies to nutrition to art and science. Some math exercises for younger grades call for comparing the two teams playing by creating a graph that compares things such as wins and losses and the ages of players on each team from youngest to oldest. 

Education World 

An excellent resource for teachers looking for pre-designed classroom exercises. From a geography lesson in which students locate the home city of each previous Super Bowl winner to having students who are already sports fans research top plays in Super Bowls past, there are many different exercises and resources. 

Global Education Institute 

Though geared around the 2016 Super Bowl, this article offers suggestions and links to resources for teaching Super Bowl exercises for various grades within K-12 that can easily be updated for Sunday’s big game. 

Pinterest Super Bowl Lessons 

A digital corkboard of suggested exercises and lessons is available through this visually appealing resource. From fun big game-themed craft exercises to word games, math lessons, and more, there is lots to explore here. 

Coverage of the First Super Bowl in The New York Times 

History and media teachers can make use of this resource, which leads to the Times’ coverage of the very first Super Bowl. Students can compare this article to modern coverage of the big game. What are some similarities and differences? 

A Beginner’s Guide to Football from The NFL 

Not all of your students will be football fans or even familiar with the game. This short video produced by the NFL is designed to give those who are new to the game a rundown of the rules. This could be used as a primer before other football-related activities. 

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