Use Data Driven Instruction and Social Emotional Learning to Accelerate Student Growth

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Like all Texas districts, Beaumont aligns its instruction and assessments based on student performance on the state’s STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) tests. All K–8 students are screened using Renaissance Star Assessments in reading, math, or early literacy three times each year. Using the screening data, students are placed in the best place for their needs and receive targeted tutorials based on their domain scores.

Beaumont has been using a scripted data-driven instruction (DDI) protocol for several years to guide conversations in their PLCs. For example, all fourth grade math teachers meet and discuss student data together. They script out the approach and instructional delivery to ensure student mastery for the following week. Identifying exact resources to use and how the goals are to be accomplished, teachers leave with a specific plan to achieve learning goals. 

The district uses Accelerated Reader to monitor independent reading, support the self-selection of leveled reading material, and foster a growth mindset. The students also use the data to monitor their own progress. Each student has a data folder where they graph their work in reading, math, and writing every one-to-two weeks. This practice helps students invest in their own academic success. 

Beaumont also uses a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum to help build relationships with students. These personal connections provide students the emotional stability they need to focus on learning. The district has implemented the free Sanford Harmony curriculum in every K–5 classroom. Each day students model practices and have conversations that tie back to the goals they have set for themselves. SEL fosters a family environment that gives students tools to manage their behavior and to feel secure and ready to learn. 

To increase access to books at home, the district purchased the My-on Digital Library with thousands of digital books. The platform can be accessed via smartphone, laptop, iPad, Kindle, Fire HD, or desktop computer. To help provide this technology, the district received a grant to provide Chromebooks, Kindle Fire HDs, and WiFi devices for parents to check out from school. 

The weekly data review in addition to the SEL curriculum, facilitated by the appropriate technology, ensures that Beaumont students stay on track to achieve their learning goals.

Technology Used

Renaissance Star Assessments

Accelerated Reader

My-on Digital Library

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