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What is Book Creator and How Can Educators Use It?

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Book Creator is a free tool that allows educators and their students to create multimedia ebooks based off of class assignments and topics.

Available as a web app on Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets, and also as a standalone iPad app, Book Creator is a digital resource that helps students explore their creative sides while learning. 

The tool lends itself well to active learning and collaborative projects of all kinds, and is appropriate for various subjects and age groups. 

Book Creator gives students the ability to upload images, videos, audio, and more within the ebooks they create. It also empowers them to draw, take notes, and collaborate in real-time with their classmates and instructor. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Book Creator. 

What is Book Creator?  

Book Creator is designed to teach students by getting them excited about creating their own books on the topics they are learning about. Students can upload images, choose from emojis, make recordings and videos, and create and then share a finished book they wrote. 

These ebooks can take various forms, from digital portfolios to comics and scrapbooks to manuals and poetry collections. 

The free version of the tool allows educators to create a library of 40 books. Book Creator includes many templates to make creating various book projects easy and straightforward. Educators can also use it to assign material to students in interactive book form. 

How Does Book Creator Work?  

Book Creator was conceived in 2011 after Dan Amos and his wife, children’s author Ally Kennen, saw that their 4-year-old son (later diagnosed as dyslexic) was making slow progress with the school reading scheme. 

After trying unsuccessfully to get him more engaged, they wondered what would happen if they made their own books about things he loved, including Star Wars, pets, and his family. They also wanted to get him as interested in reading as he was in using a tablet. 

Amos was inspired to launch Book Creator, and today, the educational tool remains built around engaging children such as his son and making them excited about reading and creating. Teachers can have students create a science book based on a key concept from class or they can design poetry workbooks, complete with illustrations and recorded readings. 

To set up a free account, which gives access to most of the app’s features, teachers should visit Book Creator’s pricing website (opens in new tab). They then click on the free option and select the school where they work -- the program is for classroom use only. 

Once they’ve signed into Book Creator they’ll be able to make their own books starting from scratch or choose from existing templates, which include themes such as newspaper, magazine, photo book, and more. Educators can then create their “library,” which can be shared with students. They’ll also get an invite code to invite students to start using the app. 

What Are Some of Book Creator’s Key Features? 

Audio & Video 

In addition to being able to write and draw and choose from various graphics, Book Creator lets you record audio and embed videos. This allows educators and students to really let their creativity shine as they produce interactive books. 

Real-Time Collaboration

In paid versions of the app, multiple people can work on the same book at once, which is perfect for both in-class and remote collaboration. This feature also allows teachers to offer immediate feedback.  

Multiple Ways to Save and Present Work 

Ebooks made with Book Creator can be saved in a variety of formats. Users can create a link to their ebook or print it, or save it as a PDF, or have a movie version of the book recorded. Different books can also be combined into one document. These features allow students to show their work in many different ways. 

Reads Ebooks to Students

Book Creator has a Read to Me (opens in new tab) feature that allows the ebooks created on the program to be read aloud to students. The word being spoken is highlighted and there are many different language options. This is a wonderful tool for new readers and offers good accessibility for learners of any age. 


The free version of Book Creator (opens in new tab) gives educator’s access to 40 books, but lacks some features of the paid version including real-time collaboration. 

Individual teachers can pay $10 per month, which allows them and their students to create up to 1000 books and also gives them the ability to get support and ideas from other teachers using the app. Volume pricing is available for schools and districts but varies depending on the amount of teachers who will be using the Book Creator app. 

Erik Ofgang
Erik Ofgang

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