What is DreamyKid and How Does It Work? Best Tips and Tricks

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DreamyKid is an app that is filled with guided meditations specifically created for children. This can be used at home as well as in class.

The idea behind this platform is to offer a way to calm, de-stress, and generally center kids so that they can find some peace. Extending this to the classroom, it can provide a way to help children become more focused to better learn and absorb new knowledge and skills.

The app is easy to use and, since it is guided, requires very little input from teachers, making it a useful tool for the classroom. It also offers some helpful sleep-focused meditations to also be a great help for children at home.

So can you use DreamyKid effectively in your classroom?

What is DreamyKid?

DreamyKid is a meditation app that offers guided meditations aimed at children from the age of 3 right up to older kids who could benefit. It can help provide social-emotional learning support.


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DreamyKid is built to be very simple to use and widely accessible. Consequently, it can be used by students on their own devices or by educators and parents with kids. Either way, the end result is a guided way to relax and focus that can help in the moment and offer longer term self-awareness and encourage mindfulness.

While this is ideal for helping settle kids down at bedtime, it can also be deployed to help those lacking in self-confidence, or struggling with anxiety, to find a space that helps them feel better.

It's worth noting that the website-only version, as opposed to the app, is designed with teachers in mind, with the easiest possible access to meditations. 

How does DreamyKid work?

DreamyKid is available as an app or online. While the app is helpful to access various meditations and breathing exercises, the web version lays out meditations in categories for easy access, ideal for teachers.


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Categories are organized by ages so you can find the ideal meditations for the class group with which you're working. Alternatively, you can filter by issues-based meditations, sports meditations, relaxing ones, affirmations, guided journeys, and more.

Once you find the meditation you want, after reading the useful descriptions, it's as easy as selecting it to get going. You can also search for a meditation, perhaps looking for the term "confidence," to find one you need. 

When you press play you'll be able to hear the guided meditation audio or see the video right away. Volume controls allow you to find the ideal volume of the narration as well as the background music, to find the most relaxing and comfortable levels.

What are the best DreamyKid features?

DreamyKid lays out everything clearly, which makes finding a specific meditation or searching for one, simple. Audio and video are streamed immediately over your internet connection and don't require a fast speed to get going right away. 

The video conveniently uses YouTube embeds, so these work really well too.


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DreamyKid has some useful sleep meditations for Pre-K kids in which there are stories read in a calming voice with music. This is also ideal for using at home to help before bedtime. 

Usefully, when searching through the options, there is not only a description of the type of meditation but also the total run time. This is a helpful feature when planning how to use these in class time.

The guided visualizations are also ideal to engage younger kids in the art of meditation without them having to be totally independent in their self-control.

How much does DreamyKid cost?

DreamyKid is a charged for service that offers two pricing tiers and comes with a seven-day free trial.

The Basic plan is charged at $9.99 per month, or you can go for the Annual plan at $69.99 for the year, up front.

In either case you get complete access to all the meditations across your devices. 

DreamyKid best tips and tricks

Begin the day right
Start off your class with a meditation to relax and focus before embarking on a task to ensure everyone is ready to learn.

Rest up
Have students try the sleep meditations before bed and get them to share their experiences of how it was different than a normal bedtime routine.

Use the guide
Download the DreamyKids Education Program for guidance on how best to use the app and all it has to offer.

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