February 2011 Table of Contents - Tech Learning

February 2011 Table of Contents

FEATURESSCHOOL CIO The New One to One As administrators scramble to offer ubiquitous technology in their districts, the goal has moved away from one laptop for each lap to a plethora of alternatives. By Ellen Ullman SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT Race to
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SCHOOL CIO: The New One-to-One
As administrators scramble to offer ubiquitous technology in their districts, the goal has moved away from one laptop for each lap to a plethora of alternatives.
By Ellen Ullman

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT Race to the Top Update
Tech & Learning presents an update on the Race to the Top fund, including interviews with winning states, a fund primer, news, and opinions on whether or not the billions of dollars will have an impact on education reform.

RTT has unique role to play in reforming schools

Seven Reasons I Really Dislike Public Education Reform

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Put to the Test: T&L editors take some new products for a test drive.
Luidia eBeam Engage
Anthro 20 Computer Charging Cart
Adobe Acrobat X Professional
Mobi View

Laptop Lessons
Whichever tools your district chooses for its one-to-one laptop initiatives, there are a few essential issues to consider.
By Ellen Ullman

The Long Review
T&L editors follow the stakeholders at Village Charter School in Trenton, NJ, as they implement Pearson’s SuccessMaker software on a 40-seat Dell PC desktop network.

February 2011 What’s New
Bretford NETBOOK36 Cart • Follett Destiny 9.9 • NBC Learn’s Chemistry Now • Serif PagePlus X5 • Pearson CloudConnect • Excent MyGraduationPlan • Varitronics VariQuest Visual Learning Tools • PB S TeacherLine Inspire Elementary • and more


Editor’s Desk
New and improved

News & Trends
Next Big Thing: Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series
Which device do you think is best for one-to-one?
Can online learning work?
How are CEOs coping with 21st-century changes?
E-book resources
10 reasons students say they prefer learning online
K-12 educators’ views on e-books
Contests & Grants
Back Office Business

How It’s Done: Teachers Teaching Teachers
By Sascha Zuger
The Lee County SD in Fort Myers, FL, developed a creative approach to funding teacher certification.

They Said It: How to grow a “textbook”
By Joyce Kasman Valenza
Regardless of how you feel about textbooks, this may be the best time ever to be without them.

Active Participation Is Key to Student Learning
Liberating The Computer Lab With Centralized Classroom Management Software



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FEATURES SPECIAL Section ISTE Wrap up Tech & Learning compiles highlights of the many ideas and tools shared at ISTE 2011. ISTE 2011 Highlights from the conference and related events Highlights from TEDxPhiladelphiaEd 2011 5 Take Aways from Edubloggercon Tech

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A Second Life for Professional DevelopmentThe evolution of the virtual world Second Life hasbeen nothing short of remarkable. Yet, its value as aprofessional development meeting place for themainstream education community is just beginningto be appreciated. Follow this online pioneer for