March 2009

March 2009


The “Blended” Classroom Revolution:Virtual Technology Goes to School
While virtual schools, which currently serve only a tiny fraction of the nation’s 48 million K12 students, get all the buzz, a much bigger, largely untold story of online learning is unfolding in America’s brick-and-mortar classrooms. Contributing editor Marty Weil gets the details.

By Matt Bolch

Assess and prosper
Since the onset of NLCB, everyone has talked a good game when it comes to the value of automated assessment. Read about how some schools can back up their talk with actual data to prove it.

An Ounce of Prevention
Network-access controls better protect both system resources and students.
Whether for an entire district, a single campus, or one classroom, allowing authorized access to a computer network can be fraught with challenges. School CIO talked with three IT administrators to learn how each is dealing with the issue of network-access control (NAC).


Put to the Test: T&L Editors take some new products for a test drive.
Faronics Insight
TurnItIn WriteCycle

Mini Powerhouses: The latest laptops
Today, 38 percent of public schools use laptops for instruction, according to education-research firm Market Data Retrieval. T&L surveyed districts that have already answered the tough questions and made their decisions—and learned some lessons. By T&L Editors

What’s New: News from FETC, TCEA, and more
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Next Big thing: Pearson Tapestry
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How it’s Done: Getting them to use IT
To combat technology resistance, Nebraska’s Lincoln Public School District technology integration specialist, Lou Anne Miller, says: Don’t fight ’em, join ’em.

They said it
When was the last time you asked your students what they wanted out of the classroom experience? Blogger Ryan Bretag did and got some pleasantly surprising answers.