May 2013

May 2013



Getting IT Together: As technology evolves, inventory management is more important than ever
By Mary K. McDaniel

AV Tech in Action

This supplement covers a host of best practice examples on how to integrate AV into high-tech classrooms, as well as a helpful checklist on what to look for in the ideal management solution.

How Do You Measure Color Output?

Tools and Tips for the Flipped Classroom
By Ellen Ullman
According to teachers who have successfully adopted a flipped classroom format, the best part of the process is devoting more time to deeper discussions, small-group projects, and one-onone interventions. Here are the stories of four teachers who’ve flipped over flipping.

Tech Tools for Teachers in Flipped (and all) Classrooms that help support grit, perseverance, and tenacity
By Laura Minnigerode

SchoolCIO: Bring Your Own Network (BYON)

By Ellen Ullman
So you’re letting your students BYOD and it’s going well. However, a new challenge rising from this is that students are bringing their devices to school, but finding ways to get around school networks and filters. These CIOs offer advice on how to keep students online, on task, and in compliance with your AUP


Put to the Test: T&L Editors take some new products for a test drive.
TI-Nspire App
Britannica School
Office 2013 Professional
Gaggle Long Review

What’s New
T&L’s round-up of the latest tools for schools.


Editor’s Desk
Editor’s Note – Flip not a flop

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