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SIS Providers License Ed-Fi Solution

Four Student Information System providers - Skyward, Texas Computer Cooperative, Prologic Technology Systems and SunGard K-12 Education - have licensed the Ed-Fi solution.
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Four Student Information System (SIS) providers - Skyward, Texas Computer Cooperative, Prologic Technology Systems and SunGard K-12 Education - have licensed the Ed-Fi solution to help ensure their work is fully compliant with the Texas Student Data System.

Developed for the K-12 sector, the free Ed-Fi solution is open, XML-based, and CEDS-aligned to integrate information from a broad range of existing sources so it can be sifted, analyzed and put to use every day.

The solution, which includes a unifying data model, data exchange framework, application framework and sample dashboard source code, is designed to facilitate secure data exchange among the disparate K-12 education data systems in use at the school, district and state education agency levels. From the perspective of competitive advantage, the Ed-Fi solution gives vendors an edge, enabling them to easily address shifting technical requirements without major code overhauls and giving them the ability to design reusable products that meet the needs of districts, states and schools. 

The Ed-Fi solution, which is compatible with many existing education data standards including the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS,) is available to state and local education agencies, organizations and vendors serving the education sector through a free license.

Since launching in July 2011, the Ed-Fi solution has gained significant momentum in K-12 education among state education agencies, school districts and vendors. Eight states have licensed or are in discussions to license the Ed-Fi solution, and an additional four states will benefit from Ed-Fi-enabled tools through the Shared Learning Collaborative. These 12 states collectively represent 34% of K-12 students and 36% of teachers across the United States. More than 20 vendors have licensed the free Ed-Fi tool suite.



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