100+ New Products: New Products for the New School Year

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Go back to school with the latest tools.

The Q1 Ultra is a 1.5-pound tablet computer with a battery life of 4.5 hours that includes 1 GB of memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, video chat capability, and an optional integrated QWERTY keyboard. www.samsung.com

Holt, Rinehart and Winston
Virtual Science Investigations offers a wide assortment of audio enhanced labs that reinforce key science concepts for middle and high-school students. It can be used alone or with the Holt Science and Technology series. www.hrw.com

New Product Trends

In demos, at meetings, on the Web, and at the National Educational Computing Conference this past June, T&L editors scoured the new-product market to bring you the latest. Trends we're seeing this year include a huge increase in management tools (from Novell, CTB/ McGraw-Hill, Follett, and others) for assessment, course delivery, IT organization, asset management, and reporting.

Also on the rise are online tutoring sites—for both kids and educators—from publishers like Atomic Learning and Apangea. From Mariner, Elluminate, and Portalicious (among others), we see a range of Web 2.0 tools enabling collaboration, blogging, podcasting, and more. Core curriculum is also getting a boost through additional standards-aligned resources from PBS Teacherline, Discovery, and others. Data analysis continues to be high on the radar, with add-on, customizable services from companies such as STI.

And with one-to-one the talk of the town in ed tech, tools such as Samsung's Q1 Ultra tablet, the AlphaSmart NE02, and Mobile Prep's cell phone-based study guides assist users with on the-go learning. Whiteboards from Promethean and others continue to rise in popularity as classroom-based software applications are enhanced, and flexible digital pens from Pearson and WizCom provide a leg up for the school home connection.

Lastly, project-based learning is more fun than ever with tools such as Lego's robot-making kit (see cover).

Check out T&L's Reviews department in the coming months for evaluations of many of the products you'll be reading about in this feature.

Califone's MP3 player is designed specifically for students and educators and features volume control built in to ensure safety. The player also features dual, noise-reducing headphones and a built-in microphone for podcasting. www.califone.com

Vernier Software & Technology
Labquest is a handheld data analysis tool for science students and educators. It features over 50 sensors for real-time graphing, a microphone, a stopwatch, an on-screen keyboard, and a scientific calculator. www.vernier.com/labquest

Adaptive Curriculum
Adaptive Curriculum is an online learning system designed to enhance learning in math and science for grades 5–8 and to conform to district, state, and national standards. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and supports whole-class or individual activities. www.adaptivecurriculum.com

Epic Learning e-learning application for high schools integrates core curriculum, an assessment system, and an electronic delivery system. Students receive laptops pre-loaded with Agilix GoCourse software; educators monitor performance through a graphical "dashboard." www.epiclearningsystem.com

Angel Learning
Management Suite version 7.2 now provides support for learning outcomes management, key industry standards, native podcasting, question banks, assessment item analysis, and state standards packs for all states that publish standards. www.angellearning.com

Apangea Learning
The SmartHelp 4.0 online learning environment offers math-based problems and provides one teacher for every student. Features include a reward-point motivation program, the ability to select problems based on student interest, and expanded algebra content. www.apangealearning.com

The GradeMaster 600 test scanner scores exams with up to 200 questions and is compatible with PCs for advanced data collection and analysis. It features a speed of 35 ppm and three multi-function touch pad switches. www.appersonedu.com

The updated MacBook Pro comes with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, up to 4GB memory, and includes a new mercury-free, power-efficient LED display. A $199 rebate on an iPod with student purchase is offered through September 16. www.apple.com/mac

Atomic Learning
Atomic Training is an online training platform and publishing tool to manage and share digital resources. Administrators can upload videos or teacher lesson plans and student projects, organize content by customizable categories, and track usage. www.atomiclearning.com

The Enhanced Online Portal is designed to aid middle-and high-school student learning in science, technology, engineering, and math. Students and educators can access industry-professional design software, and teachers can share and discuss projects with peers. www.autodesk.com

The School Safety Index sets a national benchmark to gauge the current status of school safety and outlines steps for improvement. The index measures districts' strengths in both physical and cyber security. www.cdwg.com

Centurion Technologies
CompuGuard CornerStone software—designed to maintain the integrity of a computer's configuration settings by shielding it against viruses, spyware, user error, and other damage—is now Windows Vista-compatible. centuriontech.com

Certiport now offers a new line of certifications for Adobe software. Each certification exam corresponds to a particular Adobe application, including Dreamweaver and Flash, and learning objectives can be found on Adobe's Web site. www.certiport.com/adobe

Classroom PC management tool SchoolVue v9 now includes Vista support, greater print management features, flexible control of removable media like USB, DVD, and CD drives, search engine protection, keyboard and IM monitoring, and a student locator. www.crossteccorp.com

The Cisco Networking Academy is a competitive e-learning program designed to provide high school and adult students with essential Internet technology skills. Curricula include courses in Web design, Java and UNIX, network security, and wireless. www.cisco.com/go/netacad

The College Company
Tuition Coach provides financial counseling to prospective college students, offering instruction on topics such as "how to decode an awards letter" and "how to negotiate a financial aid package offer and win." www.tuitioncoach.com

Acuity Algebra is an assessment tool designed to assist teachers and administrators with placement and assessment for grades 6–12. The four key components include a readiness exam, 13 formative assessments, an item bank, and a proficiency exam. www.ctb.com

Curriculum Associates
The CA101 e-training service offers educators training in response-to-intervention, a multi-step, data-based process used to determine where students are having difficulty. Two modules help explain the concept of RTI and recommend appropriate products. www.curriculumassociates.com

Dartfish 4.5 video analysis software offers Vista compatibility and the ability to copy video files from a DVD to the Dartfish library. Dartfish Classroom allows for the installation of the software on multiple machines while paying only for the number of concurrent users. www.dartfish.com

The Latitude D430 notebook PC is Energy Star 4.0 compliant and offers an optional solid-state drive to improve shock tolerance and reduce boot time. It also features smart card security and optional Intel Core 2 Duo processors. www.dell.com

Learning Environment 8.2, an online suite of teaching and learning tools for course development, delivery, and management, offers more than 100 new features, including shared workspaces for interactive collaboration and folders to receive feedback on group assignments. www.desire2learn.com

Digitalis Education
The Digitarium Alpha 2 fixed dome is specially optimized for digital projection and designed to work with its namesake digital planetarium system. It can be used in domes up to 33 feet in diameter. www.digitaliseducation.com

Discovery Education
Unitedstreaming Plus, which offers more than 27,000 reference articles and 4,000 full-length videos, has added 500 new titles, including the Discovery Channel series Planet Earth. Relevant content clips are available with accompanying teacher guides, writing prompts, and more. www.discoveryeducation.com

DyKnow Vision offers tools for collaborative note taking, student response, content replay, and instant transmission of content. Version 5.0 offers Vista compatibility, blackboard integration, enhanced screen grab, and customizable toolbars. www.dyknow.com

Educational Insights
Designed for grades three and up, the wireless GeoSafari Quiz Bowl system includes two triple-color LEDs and 10 player remotes. Educators can create and store up to 5,000 questions with game-authoring software. www.educationalinsights.com

SIFWorks Directory Manager 2.0 is an SIF agent and provisioning application that automates the creation and management of home directories, user assignments, and exchange mailboxes in Microsoft Active Directory by using student and staff records. www.edustructures.com

8e6 Technologies
ProxyBlocker detects and blocks Web-based proxies/anonymizers and blocks IM and P2P sites, inappropriate images, and specific key word searches. It also denies student Internet access when acceptable-use policy is violated. www.8e6.com

eLearning Systems
WebLessons has added more than 200 science topics—including biology, life science, and earth science—to its library of integrated Web-based courses for elementary and high school students. www.elearningsystems.org

Elluminate Live 7.0 social-collaboration software now features the ability to produce transcripts through closed-captioning, higher-resolution for video demonstrations, personal note taking, a presentation mode that removes potential distractions, and indexed recordings. www.elluminate.com

The Powerlite 822p projector is optimized for classrooms and features a seven-watt speaker, closed captioning decoder, a brightness of 2,600 lumens, three-chip LCD imaging technology, and XGA resolution. www.epson.com

Ask ePals is a free Web-based service that brings together educators, parents, and students to discuss education-related issues. In collaboration with Yedda.com, the site is designed to help with areas like professional development, resource location, and more. www.epals.com/askepals

Excelsior Software
Pinnacle Web, an online version of the grading and assessment software Pinnacle Plus, offers redesigned standards-based grade book and data-analysis tools and embedded videos for staff development. It also fully integrates with any SIS system. www.excelsiorsoftware.com

Faronics Insight classroom management solution allows educators to disable applications and Internet access, share their screens with students, provide remote assistance from a central console, and monitor student progress. A free 30-day trial is available. www.faronics.com

Follett Software
TetraData data warehousing and analytic tools now feature updates to DASH, Analysis Suite, Academic Planner, and Warehouse Studio. New features include compatibility with Microsoft's SharePoint technology, enhanced security, and Flash tutorials of basic functions. www.tetradata.com

FrontRow Pro Digital is a classroom sound system that employs digital signal processing and digital command and control. It is designed to suppress feedback and features a Texas Instruments VC5502 processor. www.gofrontrow.com

EMachines desktop PCs are powered by AMD Athlon or Sempron processors and are run on Windows Vista Home Premium or Home Basic. Each feature six USB ports, NVIDIA GeForce integrated graphics, and a multi-format, double-layer DVD drive. www.gateway.com

On-Sight monitors and records student online activity and computer use to ensure it conforms to school and district acceptable-use policies. It features custom reports and automatic screen shots, and installations of 10,000 clients or more are supported. www.genevalogic.com

Georgetown Learning Centers
The online tutoring service ThinkingStorm.com links students with expert personal tutors, including specialists with master's degrees in subjects like math and science. An interactive "virtual chalkboard" allows for on-demand discussions. www.thinkingstorm.com

HP PCs aimed at the education market now come complete with SMART's SynchronEyes management software, Senteo interactive response systems, and interactive whiteboard. Notebooks also include the Adobe Digital School Collection and DyKnow's Vision and Monitor as an option. www.hp.com/go/k12

Ignite! Learning
The Math COW, for grades four through eight, includes instruction on fractions, decimals, equations, graphing, measurement, and more. The unit is pre-loaded with video and interactive media clips and features a built-in computer, projector, and speakers. www.ignitelearning.com

Inspiration Software
Inspired Learning Community is a Web-based resource where educators can share ideas and resources related to Inspiration's visual learning products. Members have access to a library of diagrams, databases, and downloadable lessons. www.inspiredlearningcommunity.com

Interwrite Learning
Cricket is a radio-frequency student response handset that provides positive feedback to students using four LEDs. It features an eight-button design, comes with a PowerPoint plugin, and is fully compatible with other Interwrite assessment tools. www.interwritelearning.com

Knowledge Adventure Academy
Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension provides 2,400 "core literacy" vocabulary words reinforced with audio pronunciations of words and definitions. Students are placed at the level where they will retain new words most rapidly. www.knowledgeadventure.com

Leap Frog
Leapster Story Explorers provides interactive vocabulary, syntax, and comprehension activities to build reading and language skills for grades K–3. Each program includes five Leapster handhelds, headphones, Leapster cartridges, and practice guides for 21 students. www.leapfrog.com

Aha!Math is designed to supplement K–5 foundational math curriculum and to meet NCTM Focal Points and state math standards. Onscreen digital coaches guide and encourage students through Web-based games and tutorials that educators can customize. www.learning.com

Lego Digital Designer 3-D modeling software now includes all elements found in the Mindstorms NXT robot-building toolkit. Other new features include quicker selection of "bricks," a new brick palate, and partly built models for easier startup. www.ldd.lego.com

Let's Go Learn
Pre-Algebra Pathways combines diagnostic assessment and differentiated instruction to address individual needs. Customized lesson plans offer interactive tutorials and activities that target pre-algebra skill gaps. www.letsgolearn.com

Lexia Learning
Reading Version 5 K–12 software now integrates all content for every grade level, enables home access, includes new and expanded management and reporting features, and offers a choice of network, Lexia-hosted, or CD-ROM delivery. www.lexialearning.com

The customizable LG Digital Classroom allows educators to control all their technology through 1UControl's Virtual Remote Control Center, including DVD/VCRs, sound systems, and flat-panel displays like LG's 42-inch LCD HDTV monitor. www.lgcommercial.com

Library Video Company
Safari Montage Live! is a Web-based video conferencing-on-demand tool that provides a medium for school-to-school and home-based distance education, allows for guest speakers from remote locations, and facilitates professional development among educators in school or at home. www.safarimontage.com

The software bundle for the eBeam interactive education product line includes a one-year subscription to Quia Web, the 2007 Encyclopedia Brittanica Ultimate Reference Suite, and Discovery Channel School Image Gallery CD-ROM. www.luidia.com

The Session 1.5 update offers Windows Vista compatibility, a global browser, and new clip-dragging capabilities for its music creation software, which includes hundreds of instrument sounds and the ability to create mash-ups and song remixes. www.m-audio.com

Mariner Software
WinJournal is an integrated journaling, blogging, and podcasting software that includes password protection and AES-256 encryption for users who prefer privacy over posting to online sites like Blogger, LiveJournal, and Windows Live. www.marinersoftware.com

Microgram Software
The recordkeeping and assessment system Easy Track collects and presents student performance data for teachers to review and analyze, with the ability to compare group-to-group performance and growth. www.micrograms.com

Math 3.0 offers middle and high-school students math and science homework help while enforcing fundamental concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, and chemistry. Features include a graphing calculator and a formula and equation library. www.microsoft.com/education

MIND Institute
ST Math Algebra Readiness software for grades 6–8 applies MIND's Spatial Temporal computer exercises to foundational math concepts and skills needed before students begin learning algebra. The program helps each student build an arithmetic foundation through language-independent visualization. www.mindinstitute.net

Mobile Prep
Mobile Prep is an interactive service that allows students to create and flip through flashcard "decks" on their cell phones for on-the-go studying. Users can share, exchange, and sell decks online; a free 30-day trial is available. www.mobileprep.com

The ImagineX IW77interactive whiteboard features an integrated PowerPoint function and allows educators to annotate slide presentations and other applications and control the desktop directly from the board with an included digital stylus. www.necdisplay.com

Device Manager software version 3.5 allows a single IT technician to track, configure, upgrade, clone, and manage thousands of individual devices from a single location. New features include XML-based communication protocols and support of cross-platform configurations. www.neoware.com

Sentinel 6 security event management software offers real-time monitoring, reporting, and control of IT systems. New features include improved workflow management and remediation tracking and tighter integration with Novell's Identity Manager and Access Manager. www.novell.com/sentinel

The Mobilepresenter BT II Bluetooth-enabled interactive portable replaces a mouse and communicates with a computer via any USB port. Updated features include increased resolution, Vista compatibility, and the addition of RM Easiteach software. www.interactivewhiteboards.com

The C8800 series printers print 32 ppm monochrome and 26 ppm color and offer 1200 x 600 dpi resolution and an optional 40 GB hard drive. Security features include data encryption and password protection. www.okidata.com

Student Stats student performance monitor offers the ability to upload state and benchmark test results to aggregate, disaggregate, and compare data across subgroups, grade levels, and schools. It can be used in conjunction with the OnCourse Lesson Planner. www.oncoursesystems.com

PracticePlanet online test preparation program for K–12 mimics standardized tests and uses gaming segments as rewards to motivate students. Data is automatically aggregated so students, teachers, and administrators receive real-time progress reports. www.practiceplanet.com

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac, which enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows and Mac software at the same time, introduces more than 50 new features, including a tool to customize the level of interaction between Windows and OS X. www.parallels.com

The TeacherLine Peer Connection customizable online tool offers TeacherLine's videos, articles, and online interactives to support instructional coaches. Materials are searchable by topic, grade, subject area standards, and media type. www.pbs.org/teacherline/peerconnection

Pearson Assessments
With Pearson Inform 4.1 achievement data analysis support tool, administrators can now select groups of students with specific learning needs across the district and collaborate with teachers to develop targeted instructional strategies. www.pearsonassessments.com/inform

Pearson Learning Group
The DRA2 Online Writer digital pen instantly captures and manages user data. The pen records teacher writing on specially printed guides; when returned to its holder, the data is automatically uploaded to DRA2 Online. www.pearsonlearning.com

Pearson School Systems
Power Teacher pairs Pearson School Systems' teacher Web portal with a new Web grade book. Features include an updated interface, a comment log, links to teaching utilities, attendance and discipline monitoring, and ability grouping. www.pearsonschoolsystems.com

Phase-6 is a Web-based vocabulary tutorial system that uses multimedia flash cards to lock in academic vocabulary and terminology from any K–12 subject. Teachers can track progress though e-mail reports regarding time on task, items studied, and more. www.phase-6.com

Pokémon USA
Pokémon Learning League—an educational suite of animated, interactive lessons in language arts, math, science, and life skills for grades 3-6—now includes a management tool that educators can use to assess student progress and individualize instruction. www.pokemonlearningleague.com

BzzyBee is an online collaborative writing tool with built-in IM capability that filters inappropriate language and personal identification information. It charts student contributions to group projects and also supports individual assignments. www.bzzybee.com

Promethean Learning, an online program designed to help teachers develop interactive whiteboard skills, complements new multi-input whiteboard technology, which supports multiple users at the same time and works with the current series of Promethean Activboards. www.prometheanworld.com

Quizam users can create or download quizzes on a variety of subjects as a study tool to help remember key terms and concepts. Features include built-in grading and reporting, support of individual curricula, and multi-lingual versions. www.quizam.com

The Q2 remote is an interactive radio frequency device that allows numerous question types, including multiple choice, numeric, yes/no, true/false, and rating-scale. It can be used with Qwizdom's new Online Interactive assessment system. www.qwizdom.com

Reading Is Fundamental
The Leading to Reading Web site helps develop language skills in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The site features animated and audio stories, interactive videos, online coloring and doodling, and a sing-along songbook. www.rif.org

Renaissance Learning
The AlphaSmart NEO2 laptop offers wireless radio-frequency communication for mobile printing and enhanced teacher student communication. It's compatible with Mac and Windows based computers, and comes with software like Accelerated Reader for student quizzing. www.renlearn.com

The budget-minded C210 color laser printer produces 31 black-and-white pages per minute and eight color and can print on glossy paper, labels, envelopes, and cardstock. www.ricoh-usa.com

The Easiteach Dance Mat features more than 135 curriculum activities in math, English, science, and foreign language that can be customized by educators; it can be used with an interactive whiteboard or projector. www.rmeducation.com

Sony Soloist version 7.7 interactive language learning software features Soloist phone, a VoIP communication enabling students to use Sony Soloist digital comparative recorders on a networked PC in order to work in self-selected pairs. www.sansinc.com

BookFlix pairs 80 fictional video storybooks with related non-fiction e-books to foster a love of reading in children pre-K–3rd grade. The site includes a "read-along" option, definitions of key vocabulary words, and educational games and activities. www.scholastic.com/bookflix

Music notation software Sebelius 5 comes pre-loaded with over 2,000 professionally written works covering all genres of music to inspire students as well as a 2GB collection of sounds selected from top-name libraries. www.sibelius.com

SMART Technologies
The Senteo interactive response system allows educators to survey students before, during, or after a lesson to assess progress. It features the ability to write and edit notes in "digital ink" and is also compatible with PowerPoint. www.education.smarttech.com

Software Mackiev
With HyperStudio 5, students create and present media-rich ideas and stories using customizable toolbars. New features include podcasting support, the ability to import from iTunes, a "sticky note" function, and advanced graphic effects. www.mackiev.com

Spector 360 is a PC and Internet activity monitoring tool that now features category based Web filtering and blocking, the ability to limit Dashboard access by event types, filtering by IM contacts, and support for Windows Vista. www.spectorsoft.com

Designed for use with the Web-based STI Assessment, STI Achievement Services offers face-to-face and Web-based professional development and customized assessment analysis for K–12 educators and administrators in order to facilitate increases in student achievement. www.sti-k12.com

The updated Information Foundation 2007, an integrated information risk management software suite from Symantec, includes new features like identification and control of e-mail and file systems and chain-of-custody validation. www.symantec.com

Tabula Digita
The educational video game Evolver offers immersive instruction in pre-algebra and algebra through three-dimensional learning environments. Students face mathematical obstacles to develop team-based strategies and master key concepts in this Macor PC-based software. www.tabuladigita.com

Teacher's Domain
Open Educational Resources offers more than 1,000 video segments, interactive activities, and lesson plans in earth science, engineering, life science, and physical science based on lesson plans from NOVA and other PBS programs. www.teachersdomain.org

The Online Program Manager offers professional development resources coupled with on-site support. Professional study programs cover topics like high-yield strategies, supporting beginning teachers, and best practices in instructional coaching. www.teachscape.com

The Digital Media System 800 Series combines an adjustable arm projector, stereo sound, and an interactive, wall-mounted whiteboard and can display content from document cameras, DVD players, or videoconferencing cameras. www.3m.com/meetings

NetTrekker d.i. has added a 21st Century Skills Channel to its educational search engine. The channel features custom-created lesson plans, digital literacy templates, and links to free software tools and tutorials, including iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand. www.thinkronize.com

The TDP-TW355U wireless projector offers 3,500 ANSI lumens, remote network management capabilities, a PC card slot for storing presentations, and a "blackboard" function for wall color adjustment. Its Eco-Mode extends lamp life up to 3,000 hours. www.toshiba.com

Turning Technologies
The K–12 assessment system TouchPoints for Education centers around standards-based student response software TurningPoint. Other features include a data bank of 30,000 content questions, a summative assessment program, and Web-based assessment management. www.turningtechnologies.com/touchpoints

VBCast multimedia streaming products help create video presentations of school events like committee meetings, which can be streamed live online. They offer polling and Q&A capability and a plug-in for creating content with PowerPoint. www.vbrick.com

Viyya Technologies
The Web-based Emergency Alert Information Portal provides timely information distribution both in times of crisis and on a routine, daily basis, instantly transmitting alerts to thousands of users via e-mail or SMS text messaging. www.viyya.com

Voyager Learning
Vmath provides grades 3–8 targeted, 30-to-40–minute instruction in concept development, skill development, and problem solving. Educators can track progress though VPORT, and VmathLive offers interactive tools to motivate students. www.voyagerlearning.com

Readingpen is a portable device for K–12 that provides auditory support and complete definitions and includes English-to-Spanish translation for ELL students. Users can scan virtually any text to hear words or lines spoken aloud. www.wizcomtech.com

Mathematica 6 scientific computing software turns models, simulations, and computations into fully interactive applications. New features include load-on-demand data for math, physics, chemistry, and geography. Mathematica for the Classroom offers discounts for pre-college institutions. www.wolfram.com

World Book
World Book Advanced integrates encyclopedia, multimedia, e-book, and primary-source databases into one online tool. Customizable interfaces and personalized content allow users to create and save information, and the site's content is correlated to state curriculum standards. www.worldbookonline.com

Writer Learning Systems
The Fusion portable keyboard offers text-to-speech capability; automatic letter, word, and sentence read-back; an LCD screen with adjustable font size; and wireless file transfer. www.writerlearning.com