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20,000 New Common Core-Ready Math Questions Launched

The Kingman Unified School District, a Title I district with more than 7,000 students, is implementing TenMarks Math to provide students with a supplemental education program that complements in-class instruction.
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TenMarks Education has announced the addition of more than 20,000 new questions to its web-based adaptive math program.

TenMarks Math is free for teachers to use for practice and instruction, with an available premium version that provides actionable diagnostic assessments at the grade and standard levels, as well as automated recommendations for additional assignments that directly address areas of need and enrichment.

Darren Burris, a math teacher, math coach, and member of the Massachusetts PARCC Educator Leader Cadre, said, "The Common Core State Standards in math require teachers to instruct at new levels that demand a host of instructional tools to ensure that all students are meeting these new expectations. TenMarks’ ability to personalize learning, to offer immediate feedback, and to create an interactive digital learning environment, combined with its deep alignment to the common core standards, provides teachers an excellent resource to meet the demands of the new standards.”

The Kingman Unified School District (USD), a Title I district with more than 7,000 students, is implementing TenMarks Math to provide students with a supplemental education program that complements in-class instruction. After testing of several math programs last year, Jeri Wolsey, the executive director of academic services, chose TenMarks to help the district better align with the Common Core State Standards and drive improved student outcomes.

“In our selection of TenMarks, we found that the adaptive program empowers students and teachers to take more control of the learning process and makes classrooms more energetic and productive,” said Ms. Wolsey. “Using TenMarks, students can move at their own pace to get at conceptual understanding of mathematics, and improve their procedural skills. But, equally important, teachers are able to quickly identify students’ learning needs and intervene at the most optimal time.”

Educators and curriculum developers at TenMarks have unpacked each Common Core standard to create a large database of CCSS-aligned problems, each with the intent to engage students and help them master concepts. The problems are accompanied by hints that scaffold learning and video lessons that prompt further engagement. When a student demonstrates lack of understanding, the TenMarks program automatically intervenes with unique interactive lessons called “Amplifiers” that diagnose the root cause and deliver foundational instruction to fill the skill gap.



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