2013 Mobile Technology Survey Shows Surge in K-12 Adoptions

The 2013 National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education – Business Edition, published by IESD, Inc. in collaboration with STEM Market Impact, LLC, offers business leaders insight into the significance of the mobile technologies industry as it impacts the education market.

Based on responses from more than 450 district technology and media leaders, the 100+ page report focuses on which types of apps educators see as most beneficial, the price educators are willing to pay for apps, challenges faced when implementing mobile technologies, and the current level of adoption of mobile devices, as well as predictions for the future. In addition, the report includes some responses specifically about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models.

“The data show that the adoption of mobile technologies is growing in U.S. K-12 districts and, while it’s no surprise that iPads top the list of adopted devices, Google Chromebooks are growing in market share,” said Daylene Long, founder of STEM Market Impact. “Plus it shows that districts that adopted some mobile technologies last year in one or two classrooms are expanding to cover more classrooms and students.”

The report provides important data for business leaders, sales teams and educational marketers, including results by district enrollment size. It is available for purchase at www.stemreports.com.

The report is available as a PDF download under a small company site license of 1-20 readers for $399 and a large company site license for 20 or more readers for $975. Go to www.stemreports.com for more information.