21st Century Educators

21st Century Educators

A Professional Development Plan to Help Your Teachers Learn the Skills

Phase 4 of 4: Analyze progress

Students need 21st century skills to succeed and compete in today’s global workplace. In order for teachers to help their students learn these skills, they need a solid understanding of the skills themselves and the ability to integrate them into their classrooms.

The four phases of a professional development solution for 21st century teachers are to provide tech training and how-to support, understand gaps in the training, develop skills, and analyze progress. This series of guides addresses the four phases.

Learning never ends. The goal for all of us — teachers, students, and administrators — is called lifelong learning, a process to improve ourselves and keep pace as new ideas, goals, and processes emerge. We ask how we know when we’ve achieved our current goals.

With all the strategies in place, the final element for success in a professional development program is to monitor progress. By using a personalized learning path, you can engage teachers in their own learning process productively and meaningfully to optimize learning potential and success. By checking Improvement regularly, you can make adjustments to the training as needed and provide support. By engaging teachers in this process, you can help them internalize the goals and ensure success.


Following these four steps will finalize the process:
1) Compare pre- and post-assessment results to determine overall progress.
2) Use progress reporting to evaluate completion of prescribed training.
3) Employ an online portfolio so teachers can demonstrate mastery of skills and classroom integration plans.
4) Provide individual access to personal progress reports and prescribed training progress.


Participants can view their Favorites, Assigned Training, Assessments, ePortfolios, as well as your Recommended Training.
¦ Favorites
Teachers can click on the star next to a tutorial to make it one of their Favorites.
¦ Assigned Training
Teachers can see a summary list of the training assigned along with the due date and progress record.
¦ ePortfolio
Teachers can keep a record of their accomplishments and experiences as they progress. They can upload documents and images to a central location and track completed PD projects and store custom projects.
¦ Recommended Training
You can recommend specific training for teachers to follow.


Throughout any professional development program, participants have questions as they learn new 21st century skills and how to use 21st century technology. It is important to have resources in place to answer these questions in a timely manner.

These include continuous progress tracking and assessment and tech integration support with 24/7 access to Atomic Learning’s short tutorials that use a show-and-tell approach to answering specific ‘how do I do that?’ questions about the most-used technology resources and applications, including assistive technology.


A successful 21st century skills professional development program will empower educators with the knowledge, training and resources needed to integrate these skills into the classroom and ultimately impact student achievement.


http://al.atomiclearning.com/analyze_ progress for more information.