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5 Steps to Prevent Mobile Device Theft and Loss

1. Set Guidelines: Update security policies to set expectations for use in and out of the classroom.
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1. Set Guidelines: Update security policies to set expectations for use in and out of the classroom. Equipment should be locked at all times in areas open to the public and at home, even when in use.

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2. Provide Information: Communicate the threats and consequences of laptop theft. For example, 58 percent of laptops are stolen from the office and 85 percent of managers suspect internal theft.

3. Demonstrate Proper Lock Usage: Choosing an easy to use and quick locking system is critical.

4. Have a Backup Plan: Physically securing a device is just the first line of defense against data theft. Creating a comprehensive security plan is the most effective way to protect your school. For example, recommend never leaving a laptop logged onto networks, email, or Web sites, and always shutting down or activating a password protected screen saver.

5. Reward Compliance: Canvas schools for proper use, rewarding secure workstations and confiscating unlocked computers.

Source: Kensington,”IDC Executive Brief: Laptop theft—The internal and external threats” and FBI Computer Survey, Abagnale, F., Matt, B., & Glen, A., et al. (2005).



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