5 Tips for a Successful 1:1 Implementation

5 Tips for a Successful 1:1 Implementation

Common Sense Media has released a guide that offers a good soup-to-nuts planning program that includes resources for all phases of a 1:1 implementation. Here are highlights:

1. Take your time. Take the time to envision your ideal program and how it resonates with your school’s mission and goals. Engage teachers early on in conversations that gauge their readiness and address their fears.

2. Identify pioneers. Identify your teacher pioneers who will be capable of taking the lead and modeling great practices in their classrooms. They will help bring along teachers who need inspiration or support.

3. Partner with parents. Spend time thinking about how you will communicate with families and make sure you create the channels you will need to keep them informed and engaged.

4. Find great apps. Find the best apps to use in the classroom and spend time creating meaningful classroom activities and assessments that leverage those apps.

5. Take your time. Adequate professional development workshop time is key, as well as taking the time to teach students about online safety and digital citizenship.