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7 Strategies to Land a Job You Love in Education

Lisa Nielsen offers advice on landing that ideal jobin education.
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Lisa Nielsen offers advice on landing that ideal job in education.

1 Identify problems you know how to solve. Look for problems at a place of business that you know how to solve, and then get others excited about your vision.

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2 Create a digital track record. Establish a digital footprint that represents your expertise.

3 Be vocal. Make yourself heard on issues that matter to you. Respond to media articles about key topics, or ask to contribute to media outlets via guest posts, articles, or even videos.

4 Have a strong learning network. Connect to relevant groups, communities, and chats in places like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

5 Have a job description. Think about your dream job in your dream company. Write your job description based on your vision. Be ready to hang out that description when the time is right.

6 Have a plan Create a plan that can guide your thinking and conversations. Stay primed to present that plan when the opportunity arises.

7 Public displays of passion If you want others to be enthusiastic about your work, you must be too. Have real examples of success.

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