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9 Templates to Select and Implement Educational Data

To guide school system leaders, the “Closing the Gap: Turning Data Into Action” initiative’s Selection & Implementation Templates package provides the following components:
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Inspiration 7.6 Template Wizard

Tip: Inspiration includes over 60 templates. You can create your own template using the template wizard. Create a diagram that you will want as a template. Go to Utility and then to Template Wizard. Best to choose “Exactly as it currently appears on screen” and “Next.” You can change the colors,

Worksheets and Templates

Skillful teachers enrich conventional instruction in many ways. They pepper the learning environment with challenging and meaningful stimuli. They immerse learners in real-time, hands-on, content rich activities. Finally, they allow time for reflective processing, thus encouraging students to make sense of concepts

Make and Share Templates

Tip: Do you find yourself creating materials over and over again? You can create templates for most of your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that you later open and adapt, avoiding unnecessary work. Create a blank letterhead template with your logo, name, address, etc. Develop a template for grant

Florida Educational Consortia Select Instructional Improvement System

One of Florida’s Race to the Top initiatives is that all districts will implement a local instructional improvement system (LIIS) to provide teachers and administrators with the information and resources they need to improve their instructional practices, decision-making, and overall effectiveness.

Designing Around Data

For this year's June Leadership Guide, we've chosen the timely pairing of management and data as our prevailing theme. In fact, the current landscape of top issues in education now all feature data as a central component — its collection, storage, access, analysis, and application. Times have changed, and very

Worksheets and Templates(2)

The Web is a great place for teachers to go for templates and design tools that simplify the creation of either print or online worksheets. Filamentality Having trouble finding ready-made worksheets to complement project-based learning activities in your classroom? At Filamentality, you can design your own! Choose a