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A New Age of Education and Tutoring

So, you thought the rigidity of methods and limited alternatives of tutoring were fixed by the ancient techniques of the 20th century? Well, look out — because you missed the matrimony of education and the computer — truly a marriage made in heaven, because the computer has become the ultimate bridge of communication, bringing tutors and students together, no matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the distance. The technology of the 21st century has made it possible to bring together the tutor and student into the same room, face to face, although they may be time zones apart. The computer does not teach the student but rather fosters the ability for teacher and pupil to work together in a one-on-one classroom setting, void of peer pressure but with a voluminous and highly effective level of direct instruction. Do you recall the days of driving to the tutor in an incessantly pouring rain, perhaps in bumper-to-bumper traffic, while your child screamed at a feverish pitch that he or she hated you? Do you have memories of cleaning your house in a frenzied manner, and having all household members properly dressed in anticipation of the arrival of the tutor? Well, the advent of on-line tutoring has made these experiences unnecessary, mere memories for those of the previous generation. On-line tutoring is an exact simulation of being tutored in person. The teacher and student work together on a blackboard over the computer while speaking to one another by telephone. On-line tutoring provides maximum effectiveness, convenience, and flexibility for all parties involved. The student learns from the comfort of his/her own home, which promotes an inner feeling of independence, and positively impacts their learning curve and success. Those students who struggle in an academic setting may gain a sense of hope and confidence from the opportunity to learn in their own, personalized, protected on-line classroom. The marriage of the computer with education enables students to receive POS (Point of Service) and JIT (Just in Time) service. These terms, once used exclusively for corporate management efficiency, reflect the dynamic technological breakthroughs of online tutoring for educational efficiency and thus for wide ranging benefits for students. Do you remember the days when little Mary had a math test the next day and at eight o’clock of the evening before realized that she did not understand the material? She would frantically rush to mom and dad and ask if they could help her and when they could not, she would start panicking, perhaps pounding on her math book or the walls, with tears and histrionics. Poor Mary could have used on-line tutoring, which does not discriminate by day, time, or location. The worldwide computer network allows on-line tutoring to be available to students on demand. It truly is a new era of education. The computer has penetrated the traditional methods of educational instruction and has become a successful medium of learning for both instructor and pupil. One can only imagine the direction and sophistication of computer technology for educational purposes as we approach the 22nd century. One thing I am fairly confident about is that education and the computer will remain tied at the knot.

Email:Howard Heller