Achieve3000 Introduces Research-Based K-12 Math Solution

Achieve3000 Math screenshot

(Image credit: Achieve3000)

While a single math textbook on algebra, geometry or elementary functions may provide a comprehensive look at its subject, it won't provide an individualized approach to the material. Nor will it respond in real time to students' difficulty with the material by providing an personalized step-wise method for solving problems. 

One way of keeping all students on track, regardless of math ability, is a math software solution that adjusts instruction according to student responses. Achieve3000  has released details about its individualized, research-based digital math learning solution. Achieve3000 Math covers standards-aligned math content, from basic elementary fluency and numeracy to core high school topics and provides differentiated practice and intervention that helps close students’ knowledge gaps and builds confidence.

Achieve3000 Math is aligned to the Quantile Framework from MetaMetrics. A third-party analysis of more the 800 middle school students in three states demonstrated a 7- to 9-point increase on spring test performance over that of students who were not using Achieve3000 Math. In the same study, educators noted that Achieve3000 Math is aligned to both State Standards and their own instructional math goals. 

Achieve3000 Math clearly helps identify students in need of intervention. Using a personalized instructional model, students advance step-by-step through dynamic math problems to find solutions. If they struggle, students receive scaffolded levels of support that break problems into manageable parts. Each student’s progress is tracked and updated for reporting, instruction planning, and assessment. Achieve3000 Math students also receive literacy supports, such as seeing word definitions and translating problems into the language of their choice. 

“While using Achieve3000 Math, students engage in productive struggle as they encounter increasingly difficult problems that are broken down into meaningful segments with appropriate hints provided on an as-need basis,” said Judy Brown, Vice President of Mathematics at Achieve3000. “Students are gently led through the productive struggle process to the correct answer and a more complete understanding of the skills and concepts.”

Achieve3000 Math integrates with Google Classroom and Canvas to support in school and at home learning and will be ready at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.