Activities for 2:1 Computer Classrooms

Two students per one computer (or laptop) can be an ideal situation. It promotes collaboration, as long as there are enough computers so that students can actually complete work.

  • Webquests: Find some that are in subjects that you don't especially like teaching. Make sure that they include projects with higherlevel thinking and meaningful collaboration. For ideas, visit
  • Typing practice: the idea is for partners to alternate days on the keyboard, with one student practicing typing while the other does silent reading time. Here are three sites for typing practice:
  • Reading online: Have students read blogs of other students. Check out Class Blogmeister, one of David Warlick's excellent "Landmark For Schools" sites or find a partnering class with which to blog.
  • Blog with Edublogs: For part of writing time have them write blogs. They can trade off between an off-line writing project and writing online in a blog. Visit Edublogs.
  • Online projects: Create an online project using the Universal builder in eCoach with activities that encourage cooperative work, research, publishing, and presentations.
  • Online projects with Global Schoolhouse: Pair up to participate in an online project. There are tons of them available and they open up the classroom windows to the world. The best ones are still going and have been in existence for 10 years or more.
  • Nimble Fingers™
  • All the Touch Typing Tutors - this one is a list of free and/or fee-based programs

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