Administrative tasks go digital in many schools

School districts across the country are going digital to better manage time-consuming administrative processes such as student enrollment, payroll and data storage – and in turn, are saving money and time. Xerox Corporation’sDocuShare® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform has helped schools with student registration, paper-based processes and security issues:

  • With 21 schools and 15,485 students, Walled Lake Consolidated School District in Michigan uses DocuShare to simplify the student registration process. Together with partner SRC Solutions, Inc., Walled Lake implemented Registration Gateway, an online enrollment system built on DocuShare. The district reports data entry accuracy has improved by 90 percent in just six months during its trial period. Improvements in staff productivity, made possible with the solution, helped Walled Lake meet state data reporting requirements – and in return, receive much-needed funding. This year, Registration Gateway will be used to register thousands of students within the district.
  • Kawartha Pine Ridge School Board in Ontario, Canada relies on DocuShare to automate paper-based processes including payroll records, student registration forms and teaching manuals. For example, the district has reduced the manual, three-day processing of its monthly cell phone bills down to one step with DocuShare – which quickly scans more than 380 bills and distributes them accordingly. The school board also uses DocuShare to securely share and update information for its 33,000 students and 3,500 employees.
  • After a fire destroyed the administrative building of the Upper Merion Area School District in Pennsylvania, the board contractedSRC Solutions to scan and organize more than a million documents into DocuShare – securing essential data while eliminating the need for external storage facilities.