Alabama District Adopts Knovation’s Personalized Digital Curriculum Solution

Knovation today announced that its flagship digital curriculum solution for personalized learning, icurio, will be implemented district-wide across the Baldwin County School District in Alabama, which serves the largest geographic area east of the Mississippi River. As a result, icurio will now be available to more than 30,000 students across 45 schools, providing students with digital learning content. This subscription expansion follows the successful adoption of icurio during a preliminary district rollout to 8,000 students across seven high schools and one elementary school.

With a collection of 330,000 digital learning resources aligned to state and Common Core standards, Knovation’s icurio helps districts to bridge from fixed traditional content to flexible digital content and addresses the unique learning needs of all members of the school community.

“We are very pleased to offer students and teachers the best content in the world, organized and vetted through icurio. It is a huge hit with both teachers and students and we’re working with parents to show them how it can be an asset at home for assistance with homework and study,” said. Dr. Alan T. Lee, superintendent.

icurio was first implemented during the 2012-13 school year as a strategic component of the school system’s Digital Renaissance Program, a district-wide initiative to provide world-class resources that help students learn and compete for the best jobs in the world. The district provides each middle and high student with an Apple Mac Book Air.

Baldwin County School District has committed to ensuring the use of technology every day among all K-12 students and has incorporated tools including icurio throughout its classrooms to underscore this commitment. Knovation is also providing professional learning services as part of Baldwin County’s Digital Renaissance Leadership Academy, which provides professional learning to teachers on how to incorporate project and problem-based learning in instruction. As part of the Academy teachers are using icurio to support personalized learning and student research within their project-based units.

"As we work to transform our curriculum and instruction with both changes in pedagogy and our move to a 1:1 learning environment, icurio plays an important part in helping our educators plan and differentiate our challenge-based learning projects,” explained Janice Simon, Instructional Transformation Specialist for Baldwin County Public Schools. “With a simple click we can find robust digital materials for any readability level, which really helps us address individual student needs."