Albuquerque Public Schools and HMH partner to develop CCS approach

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) today announced that it has partnered with Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) to develop a systematic approach to implementing the Common Core Standards. APS has been chosen as one of six urban districts to participate in a national initiative, and with help from HMH, is leading the way to develop resources and strategies needed to fully transition to Common Core standards by 2014.

With underwriting support from the Gates Foundation, the Council of Great City Schools engaged six districts to develop locally-relevant curricular and formative assessment materials based on the standards for targeted grades, professional development, coaching, communications, and other supports. Gradually, each district’s target grades will transition into the new teaching standards and practices of Common Core, and will share best practices and results. HMH, a long-standing provider of the district’s curriculum and assessment solutions, will be assisting APS’s transition by collaboratively developing formative assessments.

“As we move towards full implementation of the Common Core, we’re partnering with HMH to develop rigorous assessments that are linked to the new standards and aligned to support effective academic instruction at APS. In addition, our collaborative effort includes helping teachers understand the science behind this development,” said Rose-Ann McKernan, Exective Director of Instructional Accountability.

The Common Core Standards will be implemented in five other urban districts as well, which include Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and St. Paul. All six will receive support from the private and public sectors in their endeavor to have the new standards fully implemented by 2014.