All in One Place

I believe people don’t make adequate use of Yahoo’s free services. Teachers can be so much more organized if they used some or all of the features in Yahoo:

  • Yahoo E-mail — free space for Emails and files
  • Yahoo Calendar — task, events, prioritize, and can use the option to email you when you have something scheduled — very underutilized feature of Yahoo
  • Yahoo Notepad — Create notes while online about resources
  • Yahoo Briefcase — Save up to 30mb of information free... why people use floppies anymore is beyond me!

PDQ’s Barbara Bray adds that another feature, Yahoogroups (free listservs) is where she moderates her listserv, techstaffdevelop, and gets many of her tips and ideas. If you want to join her listserv, send Email to:

Submitted by:Scott Meech