April 2012, What’s New

April 2012, What’s New

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Alleyoop College Readiness Network

Pearson supported Alleyoop has launched their college readiness network. The site has been tested by over 20,000 teens, and offers educational content, game dynamics, and a personalized recommendation engine that adapts to each user’s individual learning needs and preferences.

Apex Learning CCSS Digital Curriculum

Apex Learning has announced new online courses designed around the Common Core State Standards in math and English language arts. The courses help engage students in active learning through the use of technology and media.

Blackboard Service Pack 8 for Blackboard 9.1

Blackboard has announced a major update for its online learning platform. Service Pack 8 offers enhancements that make it easier to navigate the system and complete common tasks more quickly. The release also offers teachers the ability to customize and personalize the visual presentation of their courses with over 50 pre-built themes.


CurriculumLoft is a web-based learning management suite. With CurriculumLoft CLOUD, teachers organize, collaborate, and standard-align their digital content, and can share with colleagues and students via any webenabled device. With CurriculumLoft EXPLORE1to1, CLOUD content can be synced to student devices and viewed even without Internet access. Not only can devices and apps be managed remotely, but devices can also be locked down so that only teacher-approved content is accessible.

Daily Planet DVD Series

Cerebellum Corporation has released the Daily Planet: Wildlife and Daily Planet: Inventions & Technology series for grades 9-12. The DVD programs explore the scientific aspects of current topics and events though the use of interviews, field pieces and experiments to support science and STEM curricula.

From Vision to Action: The 21st Century Teaching and Learning Plan

ASCD has partnered with the Consortium for School Networking to launch a new PD Online course, “From Vision to Action: The 21st Century Teaching and Learning Plan.” The course helps educators learn the tools and concepts they need to develop a vision of 21st century education and translate it into action.


NetTrekker has relaunched as “Knovation,” and announced icurio, a digital curriculum content solution for personalized learning. The solution helps districts move from fixed traditional content to flexible digital content that can be targeted to meet diverse learning needs. icurio delivers over 330,000 digital learning resources aligned to state and Common Core standards.


Kaltura, the open source video platform, has released two new versions of their LMS extensions. The Kaltura Video Package for Moodle 2.x gives schools using Moodle full video capabilities; the Kaltura Video Building Block Version 2.0 for Blackboard 9.x provides Blackboard users with advanced integrated video features within Blackboard.

KUNO Android Tablet

The KUNO Android tablet, designed for education, comes with a Lightspeed mobile web filter embedded at the root level to make the devices CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) compliant. Any filters that are in place inside the school are in place inside the device, no matter where the student takes it.

Learn360 and Creative Native titles

Learn360 has announced the addition of over 200 streaming video titles and clips from publisher The Creative Native, offering video content for the social studies classroom. The series features the journey through North America to discover and document the arts, crafts, culture and traditions of indigenous peoples from British Columbia to Mexico.

LearningStation Testing Platform for Mobile Devices

LearningStation, a provider of cloud-based Formative Assessment software for K-12 education, has upgraded their online student testing platform to run on iPads, iPods, iPhones, and other mobile and tablet devices. Teachers can now administer assessments to students using their mobile devices.

Libertad Dual Language Civics Course

English Spanish Success, a division of Sunburst Digital, has announced the release of Libertad: Mi País. Mi Constitución. The program is an English- Spanish dual language, Early American History & Civics digital content program that offers interactive media, integrated assessments and instructional support utilities.

LoudCloud LMS

LoudCloud Systems’ Learning Management Ecosystems are now fully adaptive and can be configured to meet specific academic and technology needs. The dis-aggregated component architecture allows schools to pick and choose from a suite of native and best-of-breed learning apps to create a personalized platform.

MindPlay Virtual Reaching Coach

MindPlay has announced a new curriculum for grades K-12 in reading, MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). The curriculum offers differentiated instruction and allows students to work at their own pace. Delivered over the Internet, MVRC provides virtual human reading specialist and speech pathologist support, and is aligned to the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts.

myON reader

Capstone Digital has introduced mobile capabilities for the myON reader, a literacy learning platform. The personalized literacy environment provides access to the largest integrated library of digital books with multimedia support, and is now available on the Kindle Fire.


PBS KIDS is expanding its LAB site with math tips for families to use in their daily activities, and Spanish translations of parental instructions and resources. The Web site also offers a new blog series with content related to kids and media.

PBS TeacherLine Expansion

PBS Teacherline’s online professional development courses are now available eight times a year. The line has also been expanded to offer over 80 graduate-level courses in reading/language arts, math, science, STEM, instructional strategies, and instructional technology.

PCI Reading Program: Level Three Software

PCI Education has launched PCI Reading Program- Level Three Software, a new online component to the PCI Reading Program. The subscription-based software delivers interactive lessons to help students learn decoding through a suite of virtual games. Level Three Software covers the same concepts presented in print and focuses on building phonemic awareness and phonic skills.

PLATO Virtual Academy

PLATO Virtual Academy combines standards-based curriculum with trained, certified online teachers. The PLATO Virtual Academy will begin helping students with summer school 2012 implementations, with more than 50 virtual courses across a wide range of subject areas.

Reading Assistant

The new Webbased Reading Assistant software combines advanced speech recognition technology with researchbased reading instruction to help students strengthen their reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Using the software, teachers can provide individualized, guided oral reading practice for every student, and allow students to read texts multiple times to strengthen their ability to read with speed and accuracy.

Reading in the Real World: The Sports Network-2

Classroom, Inc. has partnered with Filament Games to create a Web-based learning game based on managing a cable TV sports network. Reading in the Real World: TSN- 2 is provided to schools at no cost, and uses the fast-moving world of a cable sports network to engage students, promote the Common Core literacy standards, and support college readiness.

Revolution K12 Algebra Readiness

Revolution K12 has updated its Algebra Readiness program to offer improved audio/visual lessons. The lessons cover 22 topics and 113 concepts, using easy to-understand tutorials, diagnostic questions, and ongoing assessments that monitor student progress through Revolution K12’s Mentor Session technology.

Shmoop AP US History Update

Shmoop has updated its guide to AP US History to offer more comprehensive content. The online course provides test-taking tips, practice drills and four full-length practice exams to help prepare students for the AP exam.

Skyward Enrichment Game

Skyward announces an online enrichment game for their Student Information System portal. The game rewards students for positive behaviors and accomplishments, and allows students to win points by achieving a set assignment score, meeting attendance goals and other opportunities.

SonicWALL Mobile Connect Android App

SonicWALL has announced its Mobile Connect app for Google Android smartphones and tablets, available in the Android Market. In conjunction with SonicWALL’s SSL VPN and Next- Generation Firewall product lines, the app provides Google Android users with network-level access to academic resources over encrypted SSL VPN.

SpeechStream Literacy Support

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Social Studies Series, designed for grades 6-12, is now speech-enabled with Texthelp’s Webbased literacy and language support technology, SpeechStream. The update provides for a personalized online learning environment and increases the alignment of Social Studies 2012 with Common Core Standards.

ST Math Touch

The Mind Research Institute has launched ST Math Touch, which incorporates touch-screen mobile devices with MIND’s Web-based software games. The K-5 games have been enhanced to offer more interactivity and visuals to help students grasp concepts. ST Math Touch can be played on major tablet operating systems including iPads, Android and Microsoft.


StudyBlue released new functionality that allows students to connect with each other through content. As students create online flashcards on StudyBlue, they are presented with 30 additional relevant flashcards on the topic. They can then create a new one; review, study or add to an existing card; or view related material or information about its the student author. More than one million students are now able to quickly share and compare their explanations of terms and concepts with those of their peers.

Study Island

Archipelago Learning has launched more enhancements for Study Island, the Web-based instruction, practice, and learning program built from individual state testing standards. New features include virtual science labs and a new Common Core Benchmarking Program that helps teachers evaluate proficiencies for the CCSS in grades 3-5 for math and reading.

Teachscape’s Framework for Teaching Effectiveness Series

Teachscape has announced the Framework for Teaching Effectiveness Series and the Professional Learning Suite, Framework Edition, to help teachers apply Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching (FFT) to their work. The focus on applying FFT to assessing and strengthening teaching practice, through interactive exercises and videos, helps teachers apply their understanding to evaluations and teaching practice.

TIGed PD program

Taking It Global (TIGed) offers graduate level, accredited e-courses that are designed to support teachers in global citizenship, environmental stewardship, and student voice. Global educators teach the five-week online courses.

Time to Know Software Updates

Time To Know, an online teaching and learning solution, is now available for the Mac. The updated platform, DTP 6.1, supports Windows Internet Explorer 9, Apple Safari 5.1, Apple Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 operating systems, and related models. The new version also offers coteaching interface capabilities, an updated lesson planning interface, and additional benchmark reports.

Turnitin Plagiarism Detection

iParadigms, creators of Turnitin, has announced the release of automated translation technology that enables Turnitin to identify potentially plagiarized content that has been translated. Turnitin can take assignments written in a variety of non-English languages, translate them into English, compare them to content databases, and highlight matches found in the assignment.

TWIG Touch iPad Dictionary App

The new TWIG Touch Dictionary App helps students learn new words through creative ways. It features multiple consolidated dictionary and thesaurus titles, complete audio pronunciations (in English) and tailormade illustrations on many entries, and a flexible search interface with lexical matches, hints, phrases, and sentences. The tree-based word view helps students learn and build upon a word in context.

Virtual Nerd School Edition

Virtual Nerd, the math tutorial site for grades 6-12, has launched a School Edition to help teachers pursue one-onone tutoring. The Web-based service also helps teachers create lesson plans and homework assignments that are personalized for each student or class, and it gathers real-time feedback on how kids are doing.

WePlay Smart Educational Tech solution

Hatch has announced WePlay, a researchbased content solution for the multitouch SMART Table that provides young students with an engaging environment to build social and emotional skills against a backdrop of cognition.

Writing Dynamo

Dictionary.com has launched Writing Dynamo, a writing analyzer that helps students build authoritative writing skills. The tool is the newest feature of Word Dynamo, Dictionary.com’s online learning platform that combines proven study techniques with games.

YouTube Science and Math Channels

YouTube has launched a new line-up of educational channels for students and teachers. The first topics available are science and math. Four new channels have been launched— SciShow, Numberphile, DeepSkyVideos and The Spangler Effect.


Aldebaran Robotics (www.aldebaran-robotics.com) has launched a new version of its NAO humanoid robot intended for research and teaching robotics. NAO Next Gen is capable of a higher level of interaction, due to a new onboard computer, based on the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. It also has two HD cameras that are attached to a field-programmable gate array (FPGA).

Bretford (www.bretford.com) has launched its EDU 2.0 system of flexible furniture that supports technology for classroom learning. The line includes tables, desks, presenters, and seating products with various power and design options, and is among the first in the contract furniture industry to achieve CarbonNeutral product certification.

AMX (www.amx.com) has launched the ResQ system for its Unified Campus Solution. A small, classroom-audio pendant with a built-in panic button empowers teachers to address the conditions of a classroom threat or emergency. The solution also helps students better hear the teacher’s voice from any location in the room.

BenQ America Corp. (www.benq.com) has introduced two short-throw education projectors that feature the company’s mercuryfree blue core light engine. The LX60ST and LW61ST help schools keep the cost of ownership low, thanks to the blue core light engine that reduces power consumption by up to 90 percent.

Epson (www.epsonbrighterfutures.com) has introduced six new BrightLink Projectors that offer an interactive projector and pen combination with advanced connectivity options. The three short throw models come with an included wall mount and two interactive pens. The three ultra-short throw models are the first projectors with built-in annotation technology.

Cannon Technologies’ (www.cannont4inc.com) Mini Data Center range is a complete, self contained data center in a single enclosed rack or cabinet. The new range contains self-management systems alongside cooling equipment, wide area network (internet) access, filtering and control, Ethernet switches, storage, and more.

Broadcast Pix (www.broadcastpix.com) has introduced its Video Control Center 3.0 software for Granite and Mica video control centers. The software features optimized production control on a touch-screen, voice-automation control of switching and graphics, customizable virtual sets, and automated, dual-channel graphics with Daktronics scoreboard integration.

FRONTROW (www.gofrontrow.com) has introduced the CB6000, a touchscreen control panel for EZROOM AV control systems. The new model organizes all classroom device controls into a single, reliable screen and allows IT administrators both remote and scheduled control of any device over the network.

SMART (www.smarttech.com) introduces the LightRaise 40wi interactive projector, a pen-enabled ultra short throw projector that turns nearly any surface into an interactive learning space. The projector includes SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, which helps teachers create and deliver lesson plans.

ELMO (www.elmousa.com) has introduced the P30HD presenter as its newest addition to the P30 line of document cameras. The 128X zoom lens captures everything from fine text to 3D objects in 1080p definition, and the presenter can be used with or without a computer.

Hitachi (www.hitachi.com) has introduced the CPWX8240 and CPX8150 3LCD Installation Series projectors, models that offer higher brightness, versatile connectivity, networking capability and other improvements. The projectors offer two HDMI inputs and have motorized focus, zoom and lens shift to enable easy image adjustment.

HP (www.hp.com) has introduced an all-in-one workstation, the HP Z1, with a 27-inch diagonal display. The workstation saves space in the classroom and provides fast rendering and interactive performance. It also offers a full range of workstation-class graphics cards and processors.

School Specialty (www.schoolspecialty.com) has several new classroom technology offerings at multiple price points. The new lineup includes the latest document cameras, short throw digital projectors, interactive white boards, listening centers, student response systems, slates, and pads.

Learning Resources (www.learningresources.com) announces now!board, a portable camera that turns any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard. It works with any software and projector, and can be set up quickly and easily.

Panasonic (www.panasonic.com) has announced the availability of its PT-LZ370U highdefinition LCD projector. The projector, with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, delivers up to 3,000 lumens of brightness and a Dynamic Iris Pro helps achieve a 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

OKI Data Americas (www.okidata.com) OKI Data has introduced several new printing solutions for K-12. One new offering is the School Communications Pack, a DVD filled with over 100 pre-designed teaching tools and templates that can be used with the banner printing capabilities of OKI’s HD digital color printers. Another new release is Total Managed Print, a solution that reduces the costs associated with annual document output while increasing workflow efficiencies.

Vernier Software & Technology’s (www.vernier.com) new LabQuest 2 data collection device features faster computing, a large high-resolution screen, wireless data sharing, and five built-in sensors, including GPS. New to LabQuest 2 is the Connected Science System, a networked collection of technology that supports hands-on, collaborative learning with individualized accountability.

Canon (www.usa.canon.com) has launched the REALiS WUX5000installation LCOS projector, which delivers 5000 lumens of brightness and higher-than-HD resolution (1920 x 1200) widescreen 16:10 aspect ratio video and still images. The projector is designed for use in long-throw environments and rooms with relatively high ambient light levels.

The Tripp Lite (www.tripplite.com) “plug and play” PR-PRO4 Presentation Pro Remote Control allows teachers to control mouse movement with a sweep of their hand. The Remote Gyro’s micro receiver has a storage place in the remote for easy transport. The remote offers RF, laser, mouse and audio controls in one sleek package, and covers a range of 65 feet.

New from Promethean (www.prometheanplanet.com), the ActivTable is an interactive table geared towards primary school and special educational needs learners. At 46 inches, the screen provides one of the largest interactive surface areas on the market and allows up to six students to use it at any one time. The table offers web browser capabilities, individual tool libraries and support for numerous applications and activities.

Stampede Video Conferencing Lease Program (www.stampedeglobal.com) Stampede Presentation Products, Inc. has announced the continuation of its $99 per-month video conferencing lease program and the launch of a cloud-based video conferencing system. The five-year lease also includes a five-year service and support contract and the offer of a $1 buy-out.

Roland (www.rolandsystemsgroup.com) has announced the VR3 and VR5 AV switchers. The VR-3 is an ideal live production tool that can be used for teaching training videos or distance learning. Both tools allow training coordinators and staff to produce videos in real time by setting up 2 or 3 cameras, keying out lower 3rd titles from a computer source, and producing video content quickly, without the need to edit.

Aruba (www.arubanetworks.com) introduces the Aruba Networks 93-H Access Point, a wallmountable wireless access point for use in school classrooms. The new access point provides deployment flexibility and reduces cabling and installation costs, delivering secure, high-speed network services that move users to a “wireless where possible, wired where necessary” network access model.