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Archdiocese of New York adopts digital program to jumpstart school transformation

Four NYC schools to use Time To Know program for fourth and fifth grade math and English language arts.
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Students at four Catholic schools in New York will be learning math without needing books this fall, after recent implementation of an interactive digital program called Time To Know.

The schools (Holy Family and St. Mary’s in the Bronx and Blessed Sacrament and Guardian Angel in Manhattan) are introducing Time To Know’s Digital Teaching Platform into their fourth and fifth grade math classes initially, with plans to use the program for English language arts as teachers build their comfort with the new teacher-led curriculum system.

“Time To Know’s Digital Teaching Platform will give us the ability to enhance our students’ progress and achievement, which is critical in ensuring that we are continually meeting the educational needs and academic potential of our students,” said Timothy McNiff, superintendent of schools for the Archdiocese of New York. “Time To Know’s interactive, digital platform is relevant to today’s ‘digital native’ students and promotes the development of 21st Century critical thinking skills and learning methods. Our schools’ principals and teachers are very excited about this new technology.”

The program allows teachers to build daily lesson plans based on the Common Core Standards, customize assignments for students based on their current levels of achievement, and drive student progress in real time. Students will enjoy the program’s interactive learning activities and the gallery feature, which will allow them to post their work for peer review and collaborate with fellow students on projects.

To implement the system, the school has purchased netbooks for student use. The classroom teachers will work with the Time To Know professional learning staff through a blend of on-site and remote support throughout the school year.

Recent research from schools in New York and Texas that already use Time To Know’s Digital Teaching Platform has shown a dramatic increase in students’ math reasoning and critical thinking skills.

“We are impressed with the archdiocese’s leadership in recognizing the changes we need to make to prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Our solution harnesses cutting edge technology and interactive digital content and is driven by teachers who follow the best instructional practices,” said Joshua Behar, Time To Know’s senior vice president and U.S. general manager.



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