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Are You Ready for 2014?

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Will you be ready for online testing by 2014?



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CCSS Assessments: Are You Ready?

The Race to the Top Assessmentprogram is ambitious and has thepotential to help make far-reachingchanges not only in how students areassessed, but also in how teachersteach and students learn.

Twitter Where You Are

Record images and more for those who follow what you're up to. Building upon Twitter comes Twittergram, the presence stream web site, that allows you to associate recorded messages and images along with your Twitter posts. Normally with Twitter you can type in a post indicating what you are up to. For example let's

Which Hat Are You Wearing?

Tip: Are you a trainer, a mentor, or a coach? Here's how to tell: A trainer: May be an expert on a particular subject or strategy. Presents workshop, lecture, demonstration and/or hands-on practice sessions. Rarely works one-on-one but could work in small focused groups. Can be an "edutainer" - someone who