Assessment Apps

Assessment Apps

Response to Intervention (RTI)

IEP Checklist (FREE): This is a great tool to have at your fingertips for tracking IEP goals for your students. You need to input data, but it allows you to add what you need so you can easily keep track of your students’ goals. It also lets you record individual notes while tracking student progress.

Percentally ($2.99): Many IEP goals are looking for percentage benchmarks for an assigned goal. This app allows you to customize the goals for all students and mark their progress using percentages. You can also export your information to Google Docs for back-up records.

GoDocs ($4.99): This program will sync with your Google Docs even if you have more than one account. It also allows you to edit on the iPad.

K12 Timed Reading ($1.99): This tool will help students improve their fluency and guide them toward reading smoothly and quickly so they can focus on comprehension rather than on decoding words.

Super Duper Data Tracker ($1.99): This app is a simple tool for organizing your students into groups. You begin by entering your students’ names and then you can track correct and incorrect answers discreetly and efficiently. You can also use this tool to monitor your students’ goals.

Behavioral Tracker Pro (29.99): This program tracks your students’ behaviors and automatically provides a graph for each student’s behavior patterns.

Teacher Assistant Pro ($3.99): This app keeps track of students’ actions, behaviors, infractions, and achievements in the classroom.

SMART Response VE: This program will be available shortly. If you use the Smart Board, this tool will allow you to gain immediate insight into students’ understanding.

PAR Assessment Toolkit (FREE): This app provides assistance to psychologists, mental health workers, and anyone else who administers standardized assessments. The scoring modules convert raw scores to T-scores for our most popular assessments.

Google Doc Teacher Evaluation Template: You can add this app to your GoDocs as a template to evaluate teachers.