At the Drop of a Hat

What do you do with all the tutorials, tips, and answers to questions that your teachers need at the drop of a hat?

A website with technology tips has turned out to be a solution that many schools have adopted and even added to. On your school server or district Intranet, create a resource website that includes:

  • Hardware solutions
  • Software solutions
  • Network or Internet/Email solutions
  • Tutorials and Tips
  • Links to Curriculum Resources

If you have the ability, create an online database for teachers to submit their own tips or links. In no time, you will have a valuable resource that everyone will want to use and contribute to.

Some teachers may need help even getting to the website, so you may want to archive all the pages in print format and compile in a Technology Binder that they can refer to. You can keep the binder in the library, media center, or make copies for each teacher.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray
With reference to Diane Heitzenrater

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