Atomic Learning releases new content including accessibility for iPad

Atomic Learning recently added new content to the site which includes tutorials on Word 2011, iPhoto '11, Garageband '11 all for Mac as well as additions to both the iPad and iPod Touch series–specifically sections on Videos, Music and iTunes.

The growing popularity of iPads demanded the addition of the Accessibility section to the iPad series. This section includes 20 new videos highlighting the basic features and functions of the iPad including Access features within Settings and iTunes as well as VoiceOver features.

Also added were Tech Integration Projects called Interactive Multiplication – featuring ActivInspire 1.4, and Tracking & Organizing Your Topic featuring Google Reader. The goal of the Interactive Multiplication project is to give the student an opportunity to creatively explore their understanding of a topic or subject area through an interactive exercise. In the Tracking & Organizing project, students will learn how to use the free application Google Reader to find and track topics that they are researching. Both projects can be adapted to any subject currently under study in the classroom.

The new workshop entitled "Being an Effective Online Student" is intended to interest students of all ages. The learning objectives include increasing awareness of digital citizenship while interacting in an LMS and using a variety of Internet resources for academic and time management purposes.

Atomic Learning offers training resources to teach educators and students the latest in technology. The most recent content includes YouTube and Facebook for Educators where educators can learn how to connect and use popular social media avenues effectively with students. The series on iPad and iPod touch introduce the basic features and functions of these products.