BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: Washington Learning Source Approves itslearning as Learning Management System Provider

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itslearning, has been named an approved provider by the Washington Learning Source (WLS) program, a statewide program developed to provide a place for Washington districts to choose products and services that meet their needs efficiently. 

The company recently publicized its collaboration with Google for Education, delivering the first phase of a comprehensive technology roadmap and announced wins in France for 338,000 in 600 schools, as well as major districts in Florida, Arkansas, and Texas.

In addition to connecting a class or district's digital solutions under a single platform, itslearning enables its network of global educators and administrators to share curriculum resources including nearly 2 million free and open resources and 14,000+ playlists that are included as part of the LMS. Teachers can also share best practices and personal experiences.

For students, collaboration extends to their coursework, classroom and beyond, allowing them to participate in discussions, gain new perspectives, and work together for deeper understanding. 

Without leaving the itslearning LMS platform, Washington’s educators will also find it easier to synchronize their preferred cloud service with their itslearning accounts and cloud apps.

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