Beaufort County Students See Increase in NWEA MAP Results

Beaufort County Schools recently completed a virtual summer school program to address a number of challenges facing the district, including a diverse student population, lack of out-of-school access to technology and lack of community engagement. Since the implementation of the program, student participation has more than tripled and NWEA MAP results have increased in math and reading across grades K–8. The virtual summer school program features online learning personalized to the needs of each student, with digital content provided via CompassLearning Odyssey®.

“The immediate link between assessment and instruction is critical for student success,” said Colleen Beck-Ungvarsky, educational technology coordinator for Beaufort County Schools. “We administer MAP tests in the fall, winter and spring, and within two days have individualized assignments ready for students in their Compass Learning folders.”

Results in Beaufort County Schools:

  • Mean MAP results have risen – in 2009, 78 percent of grade levels met or exceeded the NWEA norm average in mathematics, 33 percent in reading. In 2013, MAP results showed 100 percent in mathematics and 78 percent in reading.
  • Students on or above grade level – Kindergarten mathematics increased from 68 to 84 percent; Second-grade mathematics from 61 to 78 percent; First-grade reading increased from 57 to 73 percent; Sixth-grade jumped from 66 to 75 percent.
  • Increased student engagement – enrollment in the virtual school program increased 154 percent in three years, including a 126 percent increase in socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

“The program has been fantastic for both the students and the community,” continued Beck-Ungvarsky. “The increased partnerships and enrollment numbers signify a successful engagement of the community in the education of our students. This is essential for success.”

The full report is available for download here.