Beginners Doing a "Show"

When I start working with teachers who have little experience with PowerPoint but want to do a "Show" I have them:

  • write their key points / ideas / themes on 2 X 3 Post-it Notes.
  • place these Post-it Notes on a long piece of paper.
  • see how the points flow or don't flow.
  • move the Post-it Notes around until they are happy with the flow.
  • take the ideas and move them to PowerPoint.
  • design and present their “Show.â€

For those that have a little more experience with technology or want to go the next step, show them how to brainstorm ideas using Inspiration. Then show them how to export the outline as a PowerPoint .rtf file.

Submitted by:
Maureen Baron
Coordinator of Educational Technology
United Talmud Torah and Herzliah High Schools
Montreal, Quebec, Canada