Best and Worst Examples

Everyone remembers one or two of their favorite teachers. There are specific characteristics that represent what a good teacher is.

  • Have them think about their favorite teacher.
  • Ask your workshop participants to close their eyes and imagine:What is the classroom like?What are students doing?What is the teacher saying and doing?
  • Have them open their eyes and group with 2 other teachers.
  • Ask them to briefly share what they saw in this classroom.

Now go in the complete opposite direction:

  • Close their eyes again.
  • Have them think about a classroom or teacher where they had a negative experience.What is the teacher doing or saying?What are students doing?
  • Open their eyes and share their experiences with the other 2 teachers.

Then group two of the groups to share and compare the different characteristics of positive and negative classrooms. Sometimes, just providing a time to reflect and think about their own experiences helps teachers see what characteristics are important to them as teachers.

The follow-up is to ask how they think both types of teachers approach technology (or would if they are still teaching) and why.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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