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Best Father’s Day Activities and Lessons

Asian father with two children at laptop computer
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Father’s Day presents a wonderful opportunity to encourage your students to express their thoughts and appreciation for their fathers as caregivers, mentors, and role models. 

The following Father’s Day activities and lessons are all free or low cost, and allow students to practice language, art, and STEM skills while acknowledging Dad or other important men in their lives. 

  • Digital Father’s Day Gift
    Educator Jennifer Findley’s digital Father’s Day gift includes four themes to choose from, a Spanish-language version, and alternative versions for loving parents and guardians. The digital gift is designed to be used easily with (or without) Google Classroom.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
    Excellent, extensive collection of digital Father’s Day lessons and activities, searchable by grade, standard, subject, and resource type. Resources range from free to modestly priced. All are created, rated, and classroom-tested by teachers! 
  • Fathers Day Teacher Resources
    Check out this solid collection of Father’s Day lesson plans, printables, art, and gift activities. Perfect for in-person, remote, or blended learning environments. 
  • Five Father's Day Lessons
    Each free lesson plan comes with objectives, recommended grade levels, and ideas for assessment.
  • 30 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling
    These top digital storytelling apps let kids express thoughts, feelings, and ideas about fathers or other important people in their lives, with multimedia creativity. 
  • Father’s Day Cards for Distance Learning
    Ideal for Google Classroom or Seesaw , this PowerPoint-based Father’s Day digital greeting provides seven designs, examples, and guidance for teachers to use with their remote classrooms. 
  • Father's Day Lesson Plans
    Simple and free Father’s Day lesson plans feature not only sports, ties, and golfing, but also Word art, family names, and maps. A great opportunity to get inventive with the basics!
  • Father’s Day Teaching Resources, Worksheets & Activities
    A fine collection of teaching resources for Father’s Day, including templates for cards, posters, and crafts as well as photo, poetry, and Father’s Day coupon printables. Find exactly what you need, searching by grade, type and file format.
  • Father's Day Lesson Plan and Activities
    Step-by-step lesson plan covers all the bases for an ELL Father’s Day lesson: Objectives, Warm-up, Introduction, Presentation, Evaluation, and more. Scroll down to Father's Day Lesson Activities to find all the required links and materials. 
  • 10 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day - The New York Times
    Have your kids choose one of these ten innovative ways to celebrate Father’s Day, from watching animal fathers to writing poems to just hanging out together with the news. Then have them write about the experience, for an excellent open-ended lesson. For a similar Father’s Day open-ended lesson, check out Get Creative to Celebrate Dad.
  • Inclusive Father’s Day Resources from Teachstarter and Haley O'Connor
    Inclusivity is critical in the classroom environment, where kids who feel left out may withdraw, avoid participating, or even skip class. From two experienced K-12 educators come these free and insightful ideas for engaging all your students in Father’s Day learning activities. 
  • 50 Free Father's Day Graphics
    Free Father’s Day backgrounds, borders, and clip art add fun visuals to any Father’s Day card or photo project. 
  • Father's Day Fun Facts
    Who knows more about Americans than the U.S. Census? Father’s Day Fun facts offers a downloadable infographic accompanied by a teacher’s guide to exploring the social and economic implications of fathers and Father’s Day.  
  • Father’s Day Remixable Game
    Combine Father’s Day notions with a fun coding challenge from the Playlab at Students run the Father’s Day interactive drama, then hit the “Remix” button to adapt the code for a Father's Day performance of their own. 

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