Best Father’s Day Activities and Lessons

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Father’s Day presents a wonderful opportunity to encourage your students to express their thoughts and appreciation for their fathers as caregivers, mentors, and role models. 

The following Father’s Day activities and lessons are all free or low cost, and allow students to practice language, art, and STEM skills while acknowledging Dad or other important men in their lives. 

Best Father’s Day Activities and Lessons

The Forgotten History of Father's Day Why didn’t Father’s Day become a national holiday until 1972? Why weren’t men on board with Father’s Day when it was first proposed? Who were the women behind the first Father’s Day? These and other questions are answered in this intriguing article from, the 21st-century version of the Farmer’s Almanac.

Best Fathers in Shakespeare Canon
Use Father’s Day as an opportunity to delve into the rich trove of father characters in the plays of William Shakespeare. Written by a longtime Shakespearean teacher, scholar, and actor, this article conveys with humor, videos and scholarship the differences among the many dads of Shakespeare. A great starting point for a literature or sociology lesson with high school students. 

Father's Day Lesson Plans and Activities
A rich source of varied Father’s Day lessons and activities, from Father’s Day printables to guided reading lessons to a comparison of fictional fathers from the works of William Shakespeare. Sortable by elementary and secondary grades. Free.

The Best and Worst Dads of All Time
From, this fascinating look at historical fathers includes the likes of Charlemagne, Mark Twain, Peter the Great, and other famous men. Charles Darwin may be the father of evolutionary theory, but how was he as the father of 10 children? 

Digital Father’s Day Gift
Educator Jennifer Findley’s digital Father’s Day gift includes four themes to choose from, a Spanish-language version, and alternative versions for loving parents and guardians. The digital gift is designed to be used easily with (or without) Google Classroom.

Poems About Fathers
Dozens of poems by such poets as William Carlos Williams, Anne Sexton, Robert Hayden, and others will evoke powerful emotions in readers. Some are lighthearted, too. What do you know, what do you know, of love’s austere and lonely offices?

Poems for Fathers
Need more Dad poetry? Explore additional father-related poems here, from the Poetry Foundation. For ideas on how to get started teaching poetry, try How to Read a Poem, then share with your students. 

Inclusive Father’s Day Resources from Teachstarter and Haley O'Connor
Inclusivity is critical in the classroom environment, where kids who feel left out may withdraw, avoid participating, or even skip class. From two experienced K-12 educators come these free and insightful ideas for engaging all your students in Father’s Day learning activities.

Fathers in Fiction
A concise analysis of six fictional fathers, from Atticus Finch to Geppetto. Have your students read this article, then write their own analyses of these fathers, or others from literature. 

Send an ehug to a father or father figure
Students can create and send a loving ecard to their fathers or father figures, choosing from among the customizable templates or starting from scratch. They can then use the rich library of characters, backgrounds, emojis, and much more to express exactly what they’re feeling. Print, save, or share via email. Free. 

Father’s Day Online Quizzes, Games and Worksheets
These free online Father’s Day activities are geared toward English Language Learners, but also ideal for any younger student to practice basic literacy skills. Exercises include alphabetical order, matching letter cases, word search, online crossword puzzle, and listening comprehension.

Five Father's Day Lessons
Each free lesson plan comes with objectives, recommended grade levels, and ideas for assessment.

Stories to Reflect on for Father’s Day
The nonprofit StoryCorps’ mission is to  preserve and share the stories of humanity. That’s a tall order, but in the end, it comes down to a simple conversation between two (or more) people, talking honestly about their relationship and history. These genuine exchanges between fathers and their kids serve as an ideal lesson template for older students, who can interview their fathers or other important men in their lives, and record the interview using the StoryCorps app or website.   

Teachers Pay Teachers
Excellent, extensive collection of digital Father’s Day lessons and activities, searchable by grade, standard, subject, and resource type. Resources range from free to modestly priced. All are created, rated, and classroom-tested by teachers! 

Fathers Day Teacher Resources
Check out this solid collection of Father’s Day lesson plans, printables, art, and gift activities. Perfect for in-person, remote, or blended learning environments. 

Father’s Day Remixable Game
Combine Father’s Day notions with a fun coding challenge from the Playlab at Students run the Father’s Day interactive drama, then hit the “Remix” button to adapt the code for a Father's Day performance of their own.  

Father's Day Lesson Plans
Simple and free Father’s Day lesson plans feature not only sports, ties, and golfing, but also word art, family names, and maps. A great opportunity to get inventive with the basics!

How Many Dads Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb? Father's Day By The Numbers
A lighthearted, funny, and fact-filled look at the history of Father’s Day and the role of dads in today’s society. 

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