Best Internet Filter Software of 2019: Website Blockers to Protect your Kids

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From our friends at Top Ten Reviews: Finding the best internet filter can be hard. Website blockers have a lot of functions that can be confusing or too obtrusive. This guide will examine all the features of the top internet filters to break down their features - and how they'll help to protect your children from adult content and online predators.  We thoroughly check all the internet filters we've reviews to ensure that our recommendations will keep children safe. 

The best website blocker we found was Qustodio. We love using it because it is easy to install and is super simple to navigate.

Why this matters: The internet offers a wealth of resources for teaching and learning but it also offers a potential minefield of material inappropriate for kids and the classroom.  Internet filters can make the internet classroom-safe, with features such as filter categories, anti-cyberbullying and social media tools, summary reports, and more.  Learn all about the best internet filters for districts, schools and classrooms by reading the full report at