Best Laptops for Kids 2019: The Top Laptops for Kids in Elementary School and Beyond

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From our friends at TechRadar: The best laptop for kids will usually take the form of a rugged, cheap tablet… that is, if they’re to be used by young to school age kids. If you’re kid is in high school, you might want to go for a proper laptop, especially when it’s for school projects and homework.

If your kids don’t know their way around a Windows 10 or a macOS environment, on the other hand, the best Chromebooks are some of the best laptops for kids who need a simpler user interface. To make things better, these economical Chromebooks have large, durable displays that are great for getting schoolwork done.

Why this matters: Well-known computer manufacturers like Dell, Lenova, Acer and many others are designing and building Chromebooks and laptop computers specifically for K12 students. But prices and features vary widely, and it's critical to make the best use of your edtech dollars. To learn which Chromebooks and laptop computers provide the best of features such as battery life, storage, ruggedness and price, read the full report at