Best Note-Taking Apps of 2019

Man taking notes with pencil next to laptop computer
(Image credit: Pixabay)

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The wide availability of mobile devices, not least smartphones, means they can be easily used anywhere and on the go. This makes them an ideal device for taking notes on, and there are a large range of apps available. 

However, while there are basic software apps for taking notes, sometimes bundled for free with mobile devices, these can be quite limited to simply allowing typed-in text to be used. These days much more feature-packed note-taking apps are now available.

Why this matters: 

Both educators and students can reap the benefits of today's note-taking apps, which include features such as sketching; adding images, audio or video; accepting multiple file types; and collaboration. Looking for something you wrote six months ago? A searchable digital notetaking app will help teachers and students track down notes made at any time, on any subject. To learn all about these top eight note-taking apps, some of which are free or nearly so, read the full article on