Best Online Learning Platforms of 2019

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From our friends at TechRadar:

When it comes to training and education, online platforms are increasingly becoming the norm, whether it's packages supplied in-house or by third-party providers. 

The number of Learning Management Systems (LMS) isn't just increasing dramatically, but also in the quality, reach, and value of courses, with multiple opportunities for both trainers and companies looking to train staff, let alone individuals wanting to improve their range of skills.

Why this matters:

Districts across the country are using online learning for multiple purposes, from credit recovery to the ability to offer many more courses in a given subject area. Understanding the differences among online Learning Management Systems is critical for K12 districts not only to provide the best e-learning environment for their students, but also to persuade stakeholders of the benefits of spending scarce school funds outside the brick and mortar classroom.  Read the detailed analysis of 2019's Best Online Learning Platforms at